Monday, November 10, 2014

Happy Birthday To Us!

The most feared fighting organization in the world, that is!!!
Happy 239th Birthday to the United States Marine Corps!

My husband and I did not attend a ball this year because of all the craziness with our move, but you bet 'yer dayum self that we will be celebrating our birthday today!
One thing I love about being a Marine is how seriously we take our traditions (like our birthday).
My husband spent a Marine Corps birthday in Iraq before, and they did a whole ceremony in the middle of war.
They did a cake cutting ceremony (which the "cake" was an MRE pound cake), and did the reading of the Marine Corps birthday message...they did it all.
It may have not been at a fancy ball room, and there was no dancing and drinking (actually, they had TWO beers), but they still managed to find time in the midst of battle to take a moment and celebrate our birthday.
That's dedication, and I've had numerous people from other branches of service tell me how "crazy brainwashed" we are.
You call it brainwashed...
We call it pride.

So today...
Hug a Marine! (no...actually...don' might get punched if you're a random stranger hugging a random Marine)..
But if you know a Marine or see a Marine, give them a "Happy Birthday, devildog!"
Buy 'em a drink!

And in honor of the Marine Corps birthday, I went on my annual 7 mile run...while hacking up my lungs...(ain't nothing gonna stop me!)

Happy 239th Birthday, Devil Dogs!
I'm proud to be part of an organization that has been kicking butt for over 2 centuries now!!



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