Tuesday, November 11, 2014

It's An Honor...

As a veteran, it's always super awkward for me when people thank me for my service.
It's super awkward when people pay for my meals.
It's super awkward.

Especially with today being Veteran's Day....
I get a million texts, facebook messages, and emails from people thanking me for my service.
It's super awkward for me.
Heck...I don't even partake in going to all these restaurants who offer free meals to veterans on Veteran's Day.
I don't like receiving a "hand out" for a job that I volunteered to do.
**Let me just add: I do believe that veterans SHOULD partake in free meals if they choose. Lord knows they deserve it, and it's the LEAST someone can do for them....offer a free meal. It's just uncomfortable for me, and not my style.**

I don't know how to respond to the "thank you for your service" comment.
"You're welcome!" sounds arrogant.
"Thanks!" just is redundant...like..."Oh thank YOU for thanking me for my service..."...weird...

I normally give an awkward shrug, awkwardly smile, and mumble "no problem."
Then I walk away thinking..."did I really just say 'no problem' to the guy who just thanked me for my service?! IDIOT."
"No problem" sounds stupid to me...in my head at least.

We had dinner at a friend's house (whom is an Army vet) this weekend when we were in California (I'll blog that later), and this conversation came up.
He simply stated that he says, "It's an honor."
I seriously thought, "Why didn't I think of that?!?!?!?!"

It's the perfect response, because it's EXACTLY how I feel.
It really was an honor to serve, and I'd do it all over again if I had to.
I loved being a Marine...I love being a former Marine.
I loved my job.
I truly feel extremely blessed to have gotten to serve with the individuals I got to serve with.
I'm positive that the Marines I served with are the reason why I loved being a Marine so much.
I actually feel bad that there are people in this world who will have never had the privilege of servings with the type of men and women I have gotten to work with....because they're THAT amazing. 
If you asked me to do it all over again...

I'd do it in a heartbeat...no questions asked...no hesitation.

THAT is how much I love the Marine Corps and how much I LOVED serving with Marines.

So to everyone who thanked me for my service today...
1) You really don't have to thank me...because there's no other way I would have rather spent my first 10 years as an adult than as a Marine.
2) It truly was an honor to serve you. It really makes me smile when I see all y'alls facebook posts with your beautiful families, children, and lives. I always think to myself what an awesome country we live in to be able to live so freely.

I posted on my IG and Facebook today...
"I have never looked back and wished I was still in the Marine Corps, but I would...without an ounce of hesitation do it all over again as long as I got to serve with the Marines I had the pleasure of spending the good part of my adult life with. Although I am a veteran, I don't celebrate myself and I'm not gonna go to Chili's to get a free handout (just not my style)...I WILL a celebrate these selfless individuals that have answered our nation's call to duty. Less than 1% of the American population have ever served, and not everyone (regardless of popular belief) can meet the mental and physical requirements to be one of us. So to those of you who selflessly gave your time away from family and friends, and time away from yourself to do a job that 99% of Americans will never do...I am grateful and proud to have been in the same ranks as you. Go get your free meal....that's the LEAST someone can do for you!"

Happy Veteran's Day!



  1. My husband also feels really awkward about it when people thank him for his service... his go-to reply is "thanks for your support" - which always seems to work well without being weird :)

    1. That's a great response too!!! I'm adding that to my "bank"

  2. That really is a great response!! My husband usually just brushes it off with "I was just doing my job!" but it doesn't sound quite as eloquent!!


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