Sunday, November 2, 2014

Red Ribbon Week

This past week was National Red Ribbon Week.
"The National Red Ribbon Campaign is the oldest and largest drug prevention program in the nation reaching millions of young people during Red Ribbon Week."
Each day last week had a dress up day for Red Ribbon week.
I think I was honestly more excited than Dannika was, but she was pretty excited about it too!

Monday was "Join the fight against drugs"...CAMO DAY!
Of course, we went for Marine Corps cammies...would you expect anything else?!

Nick even let her be a "Gunny" for a day.

Tuesday was "Team up Against Drugs"...wear your favorite team shirt/jersey.
"Who's your favorite team, Dannika?!"

Wednesday was "Wear red day"....

Thursday was "Follow your dreams, don't do drugs"...PAJAMA DAY!!
This is what Dannika calls her "Elsa pose".

And lastly...
Friday was "Drugs are out of character"....dress up as your favorite storybook character.
Of course....Dannika went as....
The teacher actually had all the kids bring the book that correlated with their costumes.
I guess that was a clever way of keeping kids from coming to school in their random Halloween costumes.

To end Red Ribbon Week, we were invited to attend the Kindergarten pumpkin festival at Dannika's school.
"Will the real Elsa please stand up?"

Dannika actually has two Elsa dresses.
She has the original Disney store one, and this Etsy knock off that she is wearing.
The Disney store one, we saved for Halloween trick or treating since it's full of glitter.
The knock off was more practical for every day wear.

Making candy corn hand prints.

I'm so glad that Nick gets to be present for little things like her pumpkin festival.
I feel like the last 5 years was worth it for these next few years that we have together as a family!
It really brings to perspective when someone tells me...
"Sometimes you gotta suffer a little to have a little comfort later..."


  1. What afun week at school - and for such a good reason! :)

  2. OMG! She is just tooo cute! I love everything that she wore every day! So much fun!!!!

  3. That last part. <3 I always loved Red Ribbon week.. so I am glad they still do that and that Dannika got to enjoy it with such cute outfits!


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