Saturday, December 13, 2014


I feel like I HAD to write a blog today because of the date.
It's the last sequential calendar date for at least 20 years (the next one being 1-2-34).
I saw a few friends on my newsfeed had babies today too!
What an easy birthday to remember, and a cool story to go with it!
Honestly, I'm not a big numbers gal, but it's still pretty cool to think about. 
Tonight, I'm at home, sipping my wine, and watching Lifetime Christmas movies.
It's one of my favorite things to do during this time of year is to watch all the Christmas movies that are out on TV.
I know Nick isn't really into them, so it's a perfect night for me to do so while he's gone.
On a totally random note, Mattis got his very first haircut on Wednesday!
Dannika didn't get a haircut till she was 3!!!!!
 He went to the same barber shop that Nick get's his hair cut at, and it is appropriately called the "Maroon and White Barber Shop"!
This kid is destined to be an Aggie!!!!

He was so unsure of what was going on when we put him in the chair and put the cover over him.
He actually looked a little worried...

Fresh hair cuts, and one smiling face...
Mattis was still a little confused on what had just
I hope y'all have an awesome rest of the weekend, and hope your 12-13-14 was "magical"!


  1. Thanks for the post - today was my mother's 87th birthday, so it was a wonderful day. Enjoy your movies!!

  2. My kids were like that, too -- Savannah didn't have her first haircut until she was, but London had his first at 2, and now has to go every month or two at LEAST. {He gets a med. fade or high and tight ... we don't do sloppy long hair around here! Ha!}


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