Monday, December 22, 2014

Another Angel In Heaven

I haven't blogged in a while (again)...
My grandmother has been in the hospital since the day after Thanksgiving because of what started off as a cold.
She's been sick for several years now battling COPD, and a myriad of other breathing/lung/coughing issues, so something as simple as the common cold can quickly escalate to something much more serious.

Nick just returned last week from England after attending his mom's funeral.
On the day he was set to return, my grandmother's condition took a turn for the worse, and I received news from my parents that she would mostly likely not make it. 
Nick got home at 3am on Friday morning, managed to wake up and attend Dannika's Christmas party at 9am, and drove the hour and a half to Houston to the hospital so that I could see my grandma.
She was intubated, sedated, and couldn't talk, and to be honest, I didn't want to see her in that condition.
When I arrived at the hospital, I was met with my entire family, and that's when it really hit me that this may be very well the last time that I would get to see and talk to my grandmother while she was here on earth.
I made my way into the ICU, dressed myself in all the protective layers, and walked into the room.
My grandma laid there hooked up to all sorts of machines, and I fought to hold back my tears.
I held her soft hand in my hands (the way she always held my own hands), and I told her how much I loved her.
I promised her I'd faithfully go to church on Sundays.
I told her how well Dannika was doing in school.
I told her how much Nick loved her (even though they couldn't ever really communicate due to the language barrier).
I told her that Dannika prayed for her every day.

While I said all these things to her, I felt her gently squeeze my hand and blink her eyes.
In that moment, all was calm and right.
I knew that she was proud of me.

On December 19, my grandmother went to heaven.
She passed peacefully and painlessly, and was surrounded by my grandfather and her children.

Although I am sad that she is not here on earth with us, I am finding it within myself to rejoice that she is no longer suffering.
My heart aches for my daddy and my grandfather.
My grandfather lost his partner of 61 years....
61 years of faithful marriage...5 children....9 grand kids...and 3 great grand kids.
I can't imagine the devastation and heartache he must be facing.
I'm asking for prayers of peace and comfort for my family as they lay my grandma to rest this week.

RIP "halmoni"

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