Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Cheer

The holidays haven't been as "cheery" this year for our family.
With all the loss we have suffered, it's been tough to "get in the spirit".
Nick and I were talking last night about how usually this time of year, we have TONS of presents wrapped under the tree, and we have stocking stuffers done.
This year it just hasn't been the same.
I do want to do my best to be as "cheery" as possible for my kids.
I don't want Dannika to feel "down in the dumps" because mommy and daddy are.
I've done my best to try had bring some holiday cheer into our home for the sake of our kids.

Before heading to the hospital on Friday to see my grandma, we all made it to D's Christmas celebration at her school.
It was a pajama party!

Mattis had fun too

Dad of the year right here, folks! He helped out with all the "reindeer games".

My kid is wearing a different shirt than what she started off with because she spilled hot chocolate all over herself.

Mattis did not cry when he saw Santa...but he did look pretty worried...

She elf'ed herself!

Dancing in the living room with daddy.

D's been asking us to have her ears repierced for a while now, so we took her to the mall yesterday to have them done! She was a champ!


  1. What a fun Christmas party! We've been thinking about getting Grace's ears pierced.

  2. I'm so sorry for all of the sadness your family is dealing with. I hope this new year is a brighter time. *Hug Your kids are such cuties! Merry Christmas


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