Sunday, December 7, 2014

That Texas Life...

We've been here in in the great state of Texas for almost 3 months now, and I can't even count the amount of blessings that we have.
Every time we do something, or go out some place here, we are constantly reminded of God's amazing grace.
The street we live on is filled with cheerful and happy neighbors with amazing kids.
There isn't a day that goes by when one of the kids on the street isn't knocking on our door asking if Dannika can play.
When I look down our street on a Friday afternoon, and see all the kids just running around, laughing, and having fun, I am in awe of God's constant blessings upon our family.
I always think to myself..
"This is the life I pictured for my kids."
This is a typical Fri/Sat/Sun all in the street....bikes just laying out on the running back and forth to each other's houses.

This is just a a few of the kids on our street hanging out in Nick's Chevelle last weekend. They all sat in there for a while just soaking in the beauty of it. Nick even opened the hood for them and taught them all the parts of an old car. He was quite the "cool dad" last weekend.

Every morning, when I am walking Dannika to school wearing nothing but my gym capris and a t shirt, I think back to this time last year when I was bundled up in my thick coat, scarf, gloves, and hat...I was cold, miserable, and never wanted to leave the house.
I find myself enjoying the outdoors a lot more, and I appreciate the ability to be comfortably outdoors in December.
Our family just seems more "at home" here, and it's the happiest I've seen them.
I don't know how you "cold weather" people adapt to living in places with long, cold, and snowy winters. 
I couldn't adapt, and I give mad kudos to y'all that can.

Nick and I's relationship as a couple has also gotten ten folds better since moving here.
I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that he is home so much, and we have really gotten to enjoy good old fashioned family time (which doesn't mean we haven't gotten annoyed with each other with all the "time" we have
It also helps that Nick gets to be outside more since the weather is permitting.
He used to get absolutely stir crazy on days we would get snowed in in Massachusetts..."stir crazy Nick" made him an "irritable Nick"...and and "irritable Nick" made me suuuuuper irritable. 
The one thing I truly truly miss about living in Massachusetts (besides the fresh lobster and clam chowder) is our friends.
We made such amazing friends and neighbors out there, and I find myself often wishing they were still here.
It truly goes to show you that the people you surround yourself with make your living experience somewhere either great or not so great.
Nick and I have been blessed to have been surrounded by great people every where we have lived.
My mom prays fiercely for us every time we move that we are surrounded by good neighbors, and so far, her prayers have been answered...every. single. time.
Our neighbors brought over this plate of delicious home backed goods to our house last night with a thoughtful HANDWRITTEN Christmas card! We are too spoiled living here!
Dannika had a Christmas dance recital this weekend at Wolf Pen Creek for their annual "Christmas at the Creek" celebration.

"Dance dad". Nick's helping Dannika put on her jazz shoes.

We don't get AS pretty of a Fall as New England does, but it is December, and I'm wearing a short sleeve sweater and no jacket....

Some of the dancers in Dannika's class.

We also found a home church!
We miss our church in Massachusetts SO much, but I am so thankful to have found a church so quickly here.
We actually found THREE churches here that we absolutely loved, and was having a hard time deciding on one.
We ultimately chose the one with a great Sunday school program for Dannika.
It's a bonus that a lot of her friends from her Kindergarten class go to this church too!
Annnd, one of the associate pastors lives on our street, and Dannika LOVES playing with his daughters, so it worked out so beautifully for us!
Again...God's blessings have been absolutely surreal for us...and we don't deserve any of it!
Before church today.
I hope y'all are having a great Christmas season so far, and are getting to really enjoy the season of giving and our Savior's birth.
I know Christmas can become stressful sometimes with all the gifts, family drama, family, and everything else that comes with this season, but I pray that y'all get a chance to really have some peace and enjoy this magical time of year!


  1. I am so so glad to hear that Texas is treating yall so well. And sorta jealous of the capris and tshirt. Lol.

  2. Aww, I'd love to visit Texas. I hear it's gorgeous! :D

  3. I cant believe its been 3 months already. So glad you guys are loving your new home. And let me just say that is the such a awesome card/goodie platter your neighbor brought over. I need new neighbors! :)


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