Thursday, December 11, 2014

What? Solo Parenting?

Is tomorrow really already Friday?
My last blog post was Sunday?
Man, I have been majorly slacking on this blog.
I just can't help it that I am having too much fun with our new life here in
For real, though...

Nick left for England today for a week to pay his final respects to his mum. 
The tickets were insanely expensive so I didn't get to go.
On top of the fact that we have two kids (one in school).

I totally forgot what it's like to be a "solo parent".
Since moving to Texas, Nick has been home all day, every day with the exception of two hours on Tuesday nights for lab, and two hours on Thursday mornings for PT.
He doesn't start school till Spring, so we've been living the "temporary retired life" as I like to call it.
As soon as I dropped him off at the airport this morning, it felt SO weird to know that it would just be me for the next week.

And today was straight. up. exhausting.
I really did forget how much work it is raising kids alone without any help.
Today got me thinking, "how the hell did you do this for 7 months at a time...a month at a time....3 months at a time...?!?!"
I'm baffled, and a little embarrassed to admit that this little week Nick is going to be gone seems like forever to me. 
I'm being dramatic....I know it...and I just admitted it to y'all.
Just revoke my "badass military wife" card...I don't deserve

Oh, and you know, of course the day Nick leaves, both kids had doctors appointments, and our son needed FIVE shots....
I'm pretty sure he hates me.
The nurse had me hold him down while she shoved 5 needles into his pudgy little thighs.
Of course while he was screaming bloody murder, it freaked Dannika out, and she stood back in the corner screaming too while closing her eyes and ears....
Then she had to get a shot...that she was NOT gonna let happen....
Seriously...I'm convinced both my kids have PTSD from today's experience.

After dropping Nick off at the airport, I took the kids to get kolaches for breakfast to "butter them up" a little, so they would be in good moods on our way to the doctors office. If you're not a Texan, and don't know what a kolache're seriously missing out on a delicious pillowy bread of goodness.....

This is a photo BEFORE the shots...obviously...

Let's just destroy the pediatrician's office while we're at it...

After the whole "shot ordeal", little man was pretty lethargic, so I skipped the gym, and took him on a nice relaxing 5 mile run in the jogging stroller.

Of course after his nap, he was back to his normal self and causing trouble.

His favorite spot on our cul de sac. He just sits on the curb and chills.
Dannika had gymnastics after school today, and that in itself is exhausting for me.
I have to keep a very active 16 month old entertained for an entire hour while big sister is in's exhausting.
And of course, Dannika's school had a fundraiser tonight right after gymnastics at the dreaded Chuck E. Cheese. 
I survived Chuck E. Cheese.....
I hope her school does their next fundraiser at a day spa or something......and offers childcare.
I'd pay for that.

I hope everyone had an amazing week. 
We're just a few short weeks from Christmas!!!


  1. Love it!! You are so refreshing to read about - I hope the rest of the week goes FAST!!!!

  2. Bahaha.. spa fundraisers for the win. :) I will be hoping this week goes by fast for you... I felt silly whining about the month Rob was gone. But it is hard when you are so used to your other half being around!

  3. It is tough being a solo parent!

    Chuck E Cheese scares me too.

  4. Praying the week flies by for you! On the bright side, at least one of them is in school most of the day during the week, so it cuts out SOME of the 2 against 1!


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