Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Couple, Some Wine, & A Date

Nick and I committed to going out on at least 2 date nights a month last year.
After struggling through some marital hurdles, and surviving the depressing winter, we made a "recommitment" to each other that we would take more time for ourselves.
That meant going out at least twice a month alone without the kids....keywords here are "without the kids".
I really feel these "date nights" are important to EVERY marriage, but especially to military marriages.
Speaking from experience, the Marine Corps is the most unpredictable job I've ever had (ok,'s the ONLY paying job I've ever had).

Because of the nature of the beast, it's tough for military couples to really get to experience a "normal married life".
By normal, I mean a marriage that doesn't have to deal with deployments to dangerous places, deployments to far off lands, random training evolutions with no communication from anywhere from a week to 2 months, going to work at 0330 in the morning to check out weapons from the armory just to get home at 2000 (8pm), etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.
I mean I really could do a whole blog post on the differences between a military marriage and a civilian marriage.
Even civilian marriages where either partner travels a lot of business and is gone a lot doesn't even compare to the challenges that comes with "this life". 

Random side note...
Never ever ever tell a military wife who's husband is on deployment...
"I know how you feel! My husband is gone for work ALL the time!"

Since moving the Texas, life has just been so hectic.
With moving into our new home, settling in, getting Dannika in school, gymnastics, and dance...
Then Thanksgiving came along...
My grandma got sick...
Nick's mum passed away...
Nick left for a week to England to attend her funeral...
My grandma passed away...

Life has been non stop since moving here, and we've barely had a chance to breathe, let alone go out on a date night!

Last weekend, Nick surprised me with reservations at a local winery here for dinner, wine, and conversation without the kids!
We realized it was our first date night since moving to Texas!!!!
Nick got our neighbors to baby sit our kids, and we headed to the Messina Hof Winery in Bryan, TX for our date night.
I don't consider myself a "wine connoisseur", but I do know what kinds of wines I like and dislike.
Messina Hof wines have never ever disappointed me, and it's one of the things on my list of "things I missed about College Station" list!

So happy to be getting out without the kids!
When Nick and I were dating, he used to always make me sit in the middle of the seat in his truck (he had bench seats), so that I would be close to him.
He could put his arm around me or hold my hand while driving.
It was the sweetest gesture, and it might be one of the things that won me over. 
Well his new truck has a bench seat, and it's seriously one of my favorite parts of the truck!
I get to sit RIGHT NEXT to my man!

A gorgeous sunset overlooking the vineyard.

My favorite bottle of wine ever...Messina Hof's pinot grigio

He cleans up nice, huh?

The family that owns the winery has some deep roots with the Marine Corps...

 I never realize just how important these little moments together are (without distractions or kids) until I'm in the moment.
We are separated so much throughout are marriages that when we are together, we tend to overlook the little details.
Here's to a year filled with more date nights, and definitely more wine!


  1. Date nights are the best! I get to go on one with Tom tomorrow.

  2. Keep the blog coming, girl! It was good to see you enjoying yourselves.

  3. Aww, this is so sweet. I am glad you guys were able to get away with no kids! Chris and I get maybe one or two date nights a year because I am a paranoid freak and just can't leave people with my kids. I need some good neighbors like you! Mine are out of their minds!! LOL

  4. Date nights are so important and vital to any marriage, but especially with military marriages! So glad you guys were able to get out and enjoy each other! :)

  5. You both clean up nice! ;) Date nights are definitely appreciated around here -- since they don't happen that often, with little trusted childcare around!

  6. Yes for date nights! You both look amazing!

  7. I love date nights!!!! :) They are definitely awesome.


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