Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Favorites Lately...

Not too much to blog about today, but I did manage to go through my iPhone6+ (yes...it's imperative that you know that I have to new iPhone6PLUS...lol).
I found some pictures that I had taken over the last week or so that I really liked, but didn't know how to put it all in a coherent blog post.
Instead, I decided to just share them with y'all, and give you a little description on why they are some of my "favorites lately"...
Most of them appear on my Instagram if you follow me on there (@domesticatedcombatboots)

A great selfie..
People can hate on "selfies" all they want, but if you own a smart phone, I can guarantee that 99% of y'all have taken a selfie.
Maybe your make up was on point that day...
You had an awesome outfit on that couldn't go to waste...
Maybe you were just sitting in a car (like I am) excited to be going somewhere.
Like 'em or hate 'em, you can't deny that you've never taken a selfie!
This was taken right before we pulled out of the driveway on Saturday to take an impromptu trip to Houston to see my parents and take our friend out to a birthday dinner...
The ability to take random impromptu trips to visit the grandparents and to take a good friend out for a birthday dinner!
I've said it a million times, but one of my favorite parts about living in Texas is being able to see my family whenever I want!
I know as a military family, chances are unlikely that we get stationed somewhere so close to home (or at home, even!), so I am SO grateful for the opportunity.
Saturday was a rainy day, and we didn't want to sit around the house all day, so we randomly decided to drive down to Houston to see my folks.
My dad was leaving on a business trip that evening so it was perfect timing!

One of Nick's really good friends from the Marine Corps now lives in Houston, and it just so happened to have been his birthday on Saturday!
So we took him out to a birthday dinner!

Every once in a while, Nick and I will bring Dannika lunch to school, and sit and eat with her.
It's a real treat for her because she gets to sit on the stage, and enjoy something delicious (mostly Chick Fil A) with us.
Mattis didn't really care too much about seeing his sister for lunch...

But Dannika was super excited!
I'm a "ride or die" Cowboys fan.
I have been since I was 10 years old.
My entire family are Oilers/Texans fans, and me being the rebellious child that I was, decided I would like the Cowboys.
Although the game against Greenbay did not go in their favor, I am so excited about how the season turned out!
The play offs!!! That was a dream come true!!

This awesome .50 cal bottle opener that Nick got for Christmas from my brother in law and sister!
It was featured on Shark Tank, and you can find them at www.bottlebreacher.com!
The cool thing about these is that the company is ran by a former Navy Seal, and they are all made my veterans, active duty service members, and reservists.
In other words...they're made in 'Merica!

You can have them personalized!

 He bumped his head, but this face is just so priceless...

Sitting on our neighbor's dog as happy as a clam.

Cuddling together on our neighbor's giant bean bag (it's a Love Sac type thing).

 We put Dannika in gymnastics last year to build her self confidence.
Before gymnastics she was SUCH a scaredy cat...scared of falling, scared of tripping, scared of heights...
It's amazing to see how much confidence she has gained in just a year and a half!
Her favorite thing in gymnastics is the beam!!!
Most gymnasts HATE the beam
 This kid keeps dinner time pretty entertaining, and our dining room floors messy.
Yep, he is balancing a fork in his mouth under his tongue and a lip...talent, I tell ya...talent...
I LOVE this photo of Dannika all dressed up from head to toe in Aggie gear.
I love that she can't wait to be an Aggie one day!


  1. I got the iphone 6 yesterday and already love it!!

  2. I have a 6 plus too, and I love it! We also have one of the giant love sacs in our living room and my kids are obsessed with it! haha.

  3. Ah Rob wanted one of those bottle openers for Christmas but by the time I got around to it, it was too late. Lol. Also sad in this house the Dallas game didn't go better.

  4. Natalie loves being on the beam too.

    I detest the word selfie. I just call them pictures. I rarely take a picture of myself because I feel weird doing it.

  5. Such adorable kiddos! That bottle opener -- I'm definitely going to have to check them out! So cool!

  6. Great photos! Your kids are beautiful. Dannika looks like a pro on that beam!

  7. Uh oh - you better watch out - PETA might be all over you about the dog pic! ;-) Charlotte started taking gymnastics in California and takes them here too, but I feel that she's regressed. I don't really like the program here all that much, but I don't think there's anything else around.


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