Friday, January 30, 2015

Happy 100th Day!

Today is my daughter's school's 100th day of class!
For us, it's not EXACTLY 100 days since we moved here a little later in the school year.
But who cares about details anyway?!
For their 100th day, the Kindergarteners were asked to dress up as a 100 year old person.

Meet "Granny Dannika"
This whole get up cost me less than 20 bucks!
The outfit is just stuff we already had in the closet.
I managed to put something together that looked "grandmotherly".
I spent 5 dollars on the fake pearls, 5 dollars on some cheap reading glasses (popped the lenses out), and 5 dollars on a can of gray hair spray!
 As for her walking stick...
 We found a stick in our yard, and being the Marines that we are, we took 550 cord to wrap the end of it.
550 cord and duct tape...all you really need to survive...

I had so much fun dressing her up!
I can't wait to hear about her day when I pick her up from school!

As for Nick and me, college life has taken over full force.
I haven't had a moment to sit down and relax all week!
We hired a part time nanny to watch Mattis a few days a week so that we could get things done, and she has been a MAJOR weight lifted off my shoulders.
I have noticed that he's been way more clingier when I'm around though...
He misses me :) 

I hope everyone had a fantastic week, and is getting ready for the super bowl!!!!
Since I am forced to pick a team, I'm gonna have to say...


  1. I love this celebration for 100 years. The kids are adorable. And they have so much fun. I love Dannika's originality and the curlers in her hair!

  2. LOVE her outfit! So cute! You guys sure are busy!


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