Thursday, January 22, 2015


Did I forget to tell y'all I started college this week?
It's the reason why this blog has taken a back seat.
Since my husband is a full time active duty Marine/college student, I figured now is better than ever to go ahead use those trusty GI Bill/veterans benefits!
I've been putting it off since I got out, because honestly...when I discharged from the Marine Corps, I was SO OVER LIFE!
I just wanted to relax without a care in the world, take care of my kids, and most importantly enjoy my freedom from Uncle Sam.
I had no intention of being a slave to Uncle Sam for 10 years to immediately becoming a slave to an institution of higher learning.
I needed a breather from Marine Corps life.
But here I am...
I'm done with my "breather", and ready to move on to y next chapter of my life. 
Thankfully, I took a lot of college in my off duty time while active duty, and a lot of my military education also transfers over as credits, so I'm not totally starting from scratch as a freshman!!!

So sorry for neglecting this blog!!!!

So, since I have a few minutes...
Here's an update on my life through photos!!!

We bought his Camaro powerwheels for Dannika for Christmas before she was really even old enough to drive it.
Then of course, we moved to Massachusetts with its' eternal winters (and cheating football team...), so the Camaro didn't get much drive time.
But she's officially back in commission here in good ole Texas!

Mattis loves being Dannika's passenger, and this Camaro has officially made Dannika the coolest kid in the neighborhood.

My favorite photo of the week....ever.
Mattis just got out of the bath, and peed all over the floor. 
The best part was that he's never seen his own pee come out, and he was SO fascinated by it.
Once he was done peeing, he was SO proud of it, and kept smiling and pointing to his little puddle of pee.
He kept pointing to it and screaming, "Wo wo!! wo wo!!" (his word for "water")

Just a sweet moment of my kiddos morning routine...teeth brushing.

We went fishing over the long MLK holiday.
What was supposed to be a relaxing fishing trip by the lake turned out to be less than perfect.
Regardless of how awesome these photos look........
Dannika and I put some Honest Company (deet free) bug repellent on....
Honest Company bug repellent repels bugs.....
Attracts Bees....
Dannika and I got swarmed by bees....
Dannika and I ended up screaming and running around like banshees being chased by swarms of bees...
Dannika and I sat in Nick's truck watching Mattis and Nick fish.......
Mattis stuck his hand in an ant bed....
Ants swarmed Mattis' hand...
everyone freaked out...
we went fish
Oh and poor Mattis has bites ALL over his hand and little ant blisters....poor baby.

The weather was GORG last weekend so I got go on a nice little run with Mattis.

Nick and Dannika planted their winter garden....

I have NO green thumb, so I made the cute signs...

 I decided to layer framed photos on these cool indents in our walls....
This is just a "prototype", and I am planning on painting the inside of those archways a darker color...

I was giving my D some lovins' and Mattis was JEALOUS....

I seriously want Dannika's wardrobe...
Why can't they make adult wardrobes so cute and cheap like hers?!?!

So there's my life so far!!
I won't be blogging as much since school is taking up SO MUCH DANG TIME!!!
But I promise to at least keep it updated once a week, and I PROMISE to keep up with y'all!


  1. Go get 'em, both of you Romers!! Hope to see you soon.

  2. Congrats on starting back to school! I'm sure it's busy with two students and two little ones at home! Mattis keeps things really interesting it seems :)

  3. Congrats on the school thing! You are brave to be tackling that with everything else going on in yalls life! Plus you were super busy this week on top of it all. Love the pics!

  4. Congrats on going back to school!! I know how hard it is to take classes and be a full time mommy! Virtual high fives to you my friend!

  5. Congrats on starting school!! You can do it!


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