Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The New Years "Resolutioners"

As a long time "gym goer", I've always dreaded this time of year.
I've even taken the month of January off from the gym and stuck to at home work outs just to avoid it.
For my fellow "gym buffs", y'all know that this is when the "New Years resolutioners" hit the gym in full force causing crowding in gyms all across the nation.
Completely shameless "gym selfie".
My definition of a "New Years resolutioner"...
Someone who:
1) Doesn't normally work out regularly
2) Feels guilty about what they ate during the holidays (Thanksgiving until now)
3) Is normally a "gym goer", but stopped going over the holidays, and is trying to "get back on the train"
And lastly...
4) Made a New Years resolution to lose weight and get in shape this year (as they do EVERY year).
Their motto is always, "This is THE year! For real this time!"
To be honest, these people used to annoy me.
They used to annoy me to all hell!!!
I used to enjoy watching the gym become less and less packed as the month of January wore on.
It meant people were saying "screw it", and going back to their old ways.
Then I could finally have "my gym" back with all the "regulars" I was used to seeing.
As I've gotten older and "more mature" (not totally mature yet....lol), I've learned to be a little bit more patient and grew a little more compassion in my heart.
With the obesity rate in America at an all time high, and diseases like diabetes and heart disease being so rampant amongst us, I am all about a "healthier America".
After the New Year, I went to my gym at the same time I always do with a positive outlook.
I had the mentality that maybe I can motivate someone to continue coming for the rest of their life instead of quitting a month into it.

While statistically, the gym will start dying down once the end of the month comes, I hope that at least ONE person decides to change their lifestyle for a healthier, fitter life.

So instead of being annoyed at the crowds in the gym, and being annoyed that I had to wait for a machine...
 I switched up my work out to accommodate the machines that WERE open,
Something as simple as changing your attitude and your outlook at the gym can make your January gym experience way more enjoyable.
Motivate someone...and take more gym selfies!

I like to take candid photos of my hot husband while he lifts/squats.

Another shameless gym selfie!


  1. Kyle said the gym on post has been a nightmare the last few days...New Years resolutions in full swing. :)

  2. Oh good for you for being able to go to the gym on a regular basis. I used to, until my back bothered me and I found out I've got scoliosis. :P

    Hope more people will be inspired by your sharing.

  3. I'm guilty of being one of those "resolutioners"! But I've been motivated by your blog for a while and I hope to make it a habit instead of something I dread...

    Thank you! :)

  4. Hahaha! I always hate when it's so crowded in January too! You're right, though - I do wish more people would continue working out.

  5. I just walk. No crowds ;) And less stink. I'm allergic to gyms, you see.

  6. I love your new outlook! I work out at home, but I love seeing my facebook feed filled with people eating healthier and being more active.

  7. HI! came across your article. I found it because I wrote an article for the thought catalog. Check it out http://thoughtcatalog.com/michael-mims/2014/12/10-new-years-resolution-ers-to-avoid-at-the-gym/

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