Monday, February 16, 2015

Boy Behind the Blog

It's been a while since I've done a "boy behind the blog", but thanks to Chelsea from "Anchors Aweigh", I decided it was time!
SO MUCH has changed in our lives since the last one, to include the fact that we are now in home sweet home!
That awesome .50 cal bottle opener he's using is a bottle breacher! Nick got it for Christmas from our brother in law!

1. What's it like being a 31 year old sophomore in college?
Technically on paper I am a 2nd semester freshman and it is WEIRD.  Listening to the excuses of the average joe college kid that doesn't show up to class and doesn't care...  I am terrified to miss a class or an assignment.  I have never read or thought so much in my life.  My high school teachers can attest.

I am in college right now as a 30 year old, and as a veteran, I can definitely feel my anger rising inside of me at times. There's a HUGE difference between a 20 year old college kid, and a 30 year old veteran! deep breaths.....

2. How do you feel about the great state of Texas? (College Station in particular)
Pretty much love it.  I cant say i have ever been anywhere that had so much pride other than the Marine Corps.  College Station itself is full of this kind of pride.  Everyone here has the same thing in common.  They are all part of Aggie-land and they love their sports, high school and college alike. 

How can anyone NOT love "God's country", the Lone Star State, the Friendship state....the best place in then entire universe!?!?!?! I'm biased because I was born and raised here (born in Houston, raised in College Station), but seriously....I LOVE the pride we all have!  

3. What is one of your favorite things about living in Texas?
I love being able to go outside everyday without fear of severe freeze warnings and blizzards.  I grow where I am planted but man I love being planted here!

Nick is from South Alabama, and I'm from here....Together....we are tropical. We don't enjoy cold weather, we don't enjoy snow....we belong in places where the summers are blazingly hot, and where winters are mild.

4. What's something you look forward to this year in 2015?
I look forward to a semester under my belt and getting closer to the goal of becoming a Marine Officer.  One thing that tops that though is being able to build a strong connection with my family by having all of this time together to actually be one.  I am not a stranger coming and going day to day. 

YES!! Our kids finally get to see daddy every day with the thought of him having to go away for an extended period of time!!!! We are definitely enjoying the family time. I'm also SO PROUD of Nick for deciding to do MECEP (an enlisted to Officer commissioning program). He's more qualified than anyone I know!

5. What do you miss most about Massachusetts?
I miss Dan and Linda Kortjohn, I miss the Prakesh's and the Ottaviani's [our old neighbors],  I miss Bryan and Dawn Barnes, I miss Glenn Rigby and Sherrie.  To tell you the truth, I miss the people more than I miss the state.  It takes a well rounded and sophisticated kind of human being to appreciate what the North East has to offer.  

I DON'T MISS MASSACHUSETTS. NOT. ONE. BIT. I hated the winters, I hated the state, I hated the sports teams...But man oh man...I sure do miss the people we met there and our church, Connect Community Church!!! If we could bring the people down here to good ole Aggieland, life would be just perfectly peachy.

So there y'all have it!!!
Hopefully I can do a few more as I remember!!!
Happy Monday, y'all!


  1. Sounds like 2015 is going to be a great year!

  2. I love having a smile on face every time I read one of your posts lately! ;)

  3. I love Nick's line about growing where he's planted, but he love's being planted in Texas!


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