Friday, February 20, 2015

Finally Friday

This week could not be over fast enough!!!!!!!
Nick and I had midterms, papers due, and oh yeah...two kids that we had to keep alive.
We are patting ourselves on the back right now for keeping them alive (yay!).
This week truly tested my abilities in multitasking and time management. 
I posted on Facebook that as a 30 year old mother and veteran, it's safe to say that my time management skills are TEN FOLDS better than the average college kid.
Looking back on the semester, I'm pretty dang proud of how I've managed.
Nick and I hired a part time nanny, but she only comes twice a week.
The rest of the time, I am reading and studying during my sons naps, while cooking, while "listening" to my daughter read her daily home reader to me...
I did research for a major research paper during my daughter's gymnastics class on my iPhone...
I simply stated on Facebook...
"The next time I hear a 20 year old complain with no other responsibilities besides school and maybe a job, I may throat punch them."
**Throat punch is totally a term that comes from the "Marine" in me**

I am so grateful for my veterans benefits.
I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to go to college for free.
I have friends my age who are STILL paying off student loans from almost 8 years ago.

So I don't take for granted the free education that I have earned through serving in the military.

I also totally think it's cool that I am going to school while Dannika is in school.
She thinks it's so awesome that mommy and daddy are going to school just like her!
I've always hoped that my children would understand the importance of giving back (whether it be serving in the military or serving others without expecting anything in return), and the importance of education.
It's pretty cool to see my 5 year old have such an appreciation for men and women in uniform at such a young age.
It's also pretty cool to let her witness firsthand that her mommy and daddy are getting their education.

The weekend is here, and it looks like we're going to be getting some rain.
I'm not complaining though!!!
I choose a little rain over the blizzard/snowpocalypse that the northeast is getting!
Stay warm friends up north!
Have a fantastic weekend!

 And some photos of my kids of course!

This is my son's "look of shame".
While I cooking dinner last night, he thought it'd be awesome to take dirty diapers out of the trashcan, dunk them in the toilet, and walk all over the house with them!
My entire house had toilet water...EVERY. WHERE.
He is crying in this picture because I shut the door to the bathroom.
BTW, my 5 year old was to be keeping an eye on him while I cooked....can't rely on anyone these days....SMH

D has been diligently working on learning how to tie her shoes for the last week or so now.
She did a shoe this morning all by herself!
Just a few more times, and she'll be a pro!

Because all my midterms and papers were done for the week, I had some time to surprise this pretty girl at school today during lunch with a strawberry milkshake!
I LOVE giving her unexpected surprises at school.
The look of surprise and the genuine look of "I have the coolest mom ever today" is worth it...every. single. time.


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  1. You guys are rockstars for sure!!! :) Have a great weekend.


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