Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I'm Le Tired

I'm tired.
I feel like I'm in the Marine Corps again (minus the BS, and young Marines that make not so smart decisions).
Between taking 18 hours of school, being Dannika's personal chauffeur to gymnastics twice a week and dance once a week......
On top of giving attention to my 1 year old....
On top of trying to be a good wife to my equally busy husband....
I just want to sleep for a week straight and send my kids to grandma's house. 
 My husband has been home more than he's ever been since we've been married, yet we don't communicate nearly as much as we should (considering the amount of time we spend in the same room together).
When he comes home from class, I am at gymnastics with Dannika...
I get home from gymnastics, and we eat dinner...
After dinner, he does dishes while I bathe the kids.
We put the kids to bed, and he's in the living room studying while I retire to our bedroom to study.
It's like we don't see each other, but we do.


I am SO grateful that Nick and I are going to school for FREE (thanks GI BILL!), and will not be burdened by student loans.
We don't take it for granted, and we take school pretty seriously because of that! 


Have I ever told you I'm an Diet Dr. Pepper addict?
It's sad really.
I'm the healthiest person I know (ok, I know healthier people...but I'm pretty darn healthy!)....
Yet, my one demise is that delicious Diet Dr. Pepper...not regular Dr. Pepper....it MUST be diet...
It's not because it's diet, because honestly, the full sugar DP is actually better for you than poisoning yourself with the aspartame in Diet Dr. Pepper...
But I LOVE Diet Dr. Pepper.....and I drink 3 of them a day.... (womp womp....)
I made a vow after New Years to cut back, and I went cold turkey for 6 weeks!!!!
I now limit myself to a 3 a week.....hey! that's an improvement!
In order to get my Diet Dr. Pepper "fix" though, I discovered this amazing coconut infused carbonated water at HEB (A FAVORITE Texas grocery chain).
I put a little bit of stevia in it, and it totally satisfies my Diet Dr. Pepper craving!!!!!
No, it's not the same, and no, it will NOT replace DDP....however, it's a good replacement during my times of abstaining from DDP...

And lastly...
Who doesn't like photos of this cute little fellow?
His new word of the day is "BA BAS!!!" (bubbles)



  1. Adorable pics :) I love Coke, don't buy it on purpose though or else I will drink it. I hear ya on the time constraints and kids, school, etc. It's so hard sometimes and I crave some time off!

  2. I think it is understandable that you are tired... your life and the word busy go hand in hand. Prayers you get a chance to smell the roses soon!

  3. I think it is understandable that you are tired... your life and the word busy go hand in hand. Prayers you get a chance to smell the roses soon!

  4. I never drank soda at all, but with Avalon I had this weird craving for diet coke throughout my whole pregnancy. I have no idea why. After I delivered her I made Chris go find me one. lol. I was a little hooked until I got pregnant with this baby. I haven;t had any cravings for one, but I am sure I will be having one...or maybe two after delivery!

  5. It's amazing how tired just school alone can make you.

  6. I'm in awe of your time and life management skills! What are you studying?

    I feel you on the soda too. I'm such a junkie...I started taking a medication that affects the carbonation in soda and makes it taste bad...what I wouldn't give for a Mountain Dew.


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