Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sippy Cups and Ear Infections

As a mom, I have struggled with finding the perfect "non leaky" sippy cup.
I don't care what advertisements say, I had came to the conclusion that there was no such thing as a "no leak" sippy cup for my toddler.
That is until my little sister introduced me to the thermos brand "sippy cup" with the straw.
 It has a flip top lid, and the straw has a valve to keep liquids from flowing out of it.
A problem I found with most sippy cups for kids was that the valves in the straws made it extremely hard for the average kid to suck liquid through the straw.
But this thermos is super easy for kids to get the liquid through the straw without having to lose their breath!
Dannika and Mattis both have one, and LOVE them!!
I HIGHLY recommend them, and this isn't even a sponsored post!!!
I was just really really excited to FINALLY find a sippy cup that Mattis couldn't destroy my house with!

My little "Bobby Lou" (our nickname for Mattis...future blog post) has his second ear infection in a month :(:(:(
Thank God for our nanny today!!
She cuddled him and took care of him so that I could get stuff that I needed to get done today.
Nick managed to get out of his lab tonight to take him to the doctor so that I could take Dannika to gymnastics.

Just a random hilarious photo that I took of Mattis yesterday....
His hair was a HOT mess...

I am so grateful for such a supportive husband, and SO SO SO grateful that we have made our school schedules work productively together.
Our children aren't neglected, and we still get to be there for their appointments, classroom parties, and walks to and from school (most days).
We've gone through so much as a couple that I feel like college life is the easiest thing we've ever had to tackle together.
When I look at this picture...
I remember the struggles we went through as new parents...
the struggles of recruiting duty...
the struggles of the drill field...
the long hours...
the sleepless nights...

I am so grateful for our life today.
Even with a sick kid, a 5 year old with a schedule more demanding than most adults, and two parents both in college full time...
It's still WAY better and way easier than deployments, special duty assignments, and just regular Marine Corps life.

I can't complain...


  1. I hope the ear infection goes away soon!

  2. I am going to order a couple of those sippy's. My daughter prefers the straw ones but it seems that every once in a while, the liquid will come up out of the straw on its own and leak all over. Drives me nuts.

  3. Hope he gets better soon! I am glad to hear things are working out with everything else.


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