Sunday, March 15, 2015

Kindergarten Petri Dish

I hate Kindergarteners.
Ok, Ok, I don't HATE hate Kindergarteners, but I hate Kindergarteners.
Did that make any sense? No, probably not.
Let me elaborate.

Our family rarely gets sick.
I like to think we have some iron steel immune systems.
However, ever since Dannika started Kindergarten, our whole family has been non stop sick since October.
A cold here, a cold there, a fever here, a fever there, stomach flu (x2 for my husband in the same month)....
Literally....every month since October SOMEONE has been sick.
I finally came to the conclusion that it is Kindergarten.
Dannika is always the first to get sick, and because we're a family and are forced to live together, whatever disease she picked up from Kindergarten makes it around the family.
I feel like we just keep passing back and forth the same disease, and Dannika takes it back to school, gets another kid sick (unintentionally), and then that kid comes back to school and gets Dannika sick, who then brings it home and gets us all sick....
It's a vicious cycle.
I also believe that Kindergarten teachers have some crazy super human immune systems.
They basically go to work in a petri dish every day.
Have you BEEN to a Kindergarten classroom recently?!?
All those cute and adorable kids are germ infested.
Lord knows they don't all wash their hands, and some of them don't know how to wipe their butts properly, so there's fecal matter...everywhere....(this is what I envision at least).
I see kids picking their noses, then hugging each other (makes me cringe every time)...
They share glue sticks, crayons, markers with their germ infested hands...
Kindergarteners are gross, germ infested little human beings!
No wonder we have been non stop sick!

I got it the worst this week than I ever have.
I had to drive my butt to the ER at 3am on Wednesday morning with hopes that the doctor could give me some miracle drug to make me feel better by 6am so that I could be a productive mother....
There was no "miracle drug".
He seriously prescribed me 800mg motrin (which if you're in the military, it is laughable) and Tamiflu.
Thank God my husband didn't have any midterms on Wednesday, and played hooky from class to make sure I didn't die and take care of the kids.
My symptoms got worse, so I went back to a DIFFERENT ER this morning, and the doctor gave me steroids, and I'm feeling 10 folds better than I have all week. 
I just need to kick this sickness so that I can enjoy my Spring Break!

Anyway, shout out to my hubs for holding the fort down while I've been sick.
I've tried my best to enjoy our time off together, but I've been a witch during the days.

On Thursday, I had to actually leave my house to pick up my daughter from school, so I managed to throw some mascara and eyeliner on, so I wouldn't scare the other moms with my "face of death".

My daughter's school had a "Dogs with Dads" night where they served hot dogs for dinner, and had all sorts of activities for the families to enjoy together.
Nick got out of his Naval Science lab just in time to make it to join us!

It's little things like this that make me so grateful to be at an assignment were Nick can be so present in Dannika's day to day life.

Friday was Dannika's annual "Spring Sing Along" at her school.
They had a western theme!
A perfect excuse to throw on her Ariat cowgirl boots! 
(Well, we're in one needs an excuse here to wear cowgirl boots).

Walking with a purpose!
Girls got places to be!!!!

I'm kinda obsessed with the ankle boot with cuffed skinny jean trend right now...

My baby's in her schools 100 book club!

Friday was a perfect day to fly kites!

The kids on our street sitting in the back of Nick's truck! 
Spring break has begun!

Hope y'all have a great week!
We're hitting up the Florida Georgia Line concert at the Houston rodeo this week, and doing some fishing!


  1. They look so happy with their Dad! Adorable!

  2. Ugh, yes, the sickness being passed around is no fun.

  3. Yuck! Hope you are feeling way way better now. Sounds like a fun spring break is unfolding for yall.

  4. Yuck! Hope you are feeling way way better now. Sounds like a fun spring break is unfolding for yall.


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