Monday, March 9, 2015

Rodeo and John Legend

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is the world's largest livestock show and rodeo.
I wish I could put into words the magnitude of this event.
My parents used to take my sister and me year after year when we were kids.
Don't be judgin' me on my fanny pack!
I was hip...and cool...and we were probably the only Asian kids there in boots and cowboy
My parents totally embraced American culture and Texan culture when they immigrated here...what can I say?

Anyway, the rodeo always attracts some pretty big name country stars and pop stars to perform concerts.
As a child, I remember seeing Billy Ray Cyrus (circa Achy Breaky Heart), Trisha Yearwood, Selena, Reba McIntyre, and probably many others (since we used to go pretty often).
As our family's first rodeo season here in Texas, Nick surprised me with tickets to see John Legend this past weekend at the rodeo.
Lucky for us, my parents live in Houston, so they graciously offered to be grandparents and hang out with the grand kids so that Nick and I could have a fun date night. 
Before each concert, the rodeo always goes first.
I hadn't been to a rodeo in SO long, and it was really exciting to watch bull riding, barrel racing, and muttin bustin' (my 3 favorite rodeo events).

Here we are, all ready to go!
I got a lot of compliments on my boots.
When it comes to buying cowboy boots, it's very important to me that they are made in America.
Unfortunately, a lot of cowboy boots in popular places like Boot Barn and even Cavender's Boots sell boots made in China and overseas.
The ones I am wearing are Ariat brand boots.
They're the most comfy boots ever, and made in America!

The parade before the rodeo.

I call this look "Chic Cowgirl".
Cute dress, statement necklace, leather jacket, Louis Vuitton speedy bag, Ariat boots, and of course a frozen strawberry marg.

Watching the rodeo!

And Mr. Legend himself...

The concert was pretty amazing, and I fell more in love with John Legend's music!
He's so talented on the piano, and his voice is just amazing!
Awesome concert. 
We are planning on hitting up Florida Georgia Line next week!

We had such an absolute blast on our date night.
After the concert, we headed to Morton's steakhouse in Houston.
It was late, and we stopped by for some appetizers and drinks.
The general manager there happened to be a former Navy sailor.
When he found out we were Marines he comp'ed our meal, and sat and chatted with us for an hour! 
We had amazing food and such great service!

It was awesome to just go out with my hubby, uninterrupted by little kids, and have adult conversation!
I'll blog about our day at the rodeo soon!


  1. So cool that you got to go to a place you went so often as a kid!!! Looks like fun! :)

  2. Looks like you both had a great time! I love your boots, super cute.

  3. I love the pictures! Growing up I used to compete at the World Paint Horse Show in Fort Worth and it was my favorite thing. I loved growing up around all the bull riders, and used to have so much fun at livestock shows and rodeos! I hope my kids enjoy them too.


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