Friday, April 17, 2015

Happy Life

Is it Friday already?
This week seemed to have flown by!
My brain is fried, and although I currently have some riveting reading to do on American History and "The New Deal", I choosing to give my brain a rest. 

Do you participate in "Throwback Thursdays" on Instagram and Facebook?
I shamelessly do (almost) every Thursday.
It's fun to look back at old photos, whether it be from a year ago or 20 years ago, and think of all the memories that come with it.
I've been accused of being an "obsessive picture taker" and "Instagrammer". 
Maybe I am, but I love capturing life's daily moments so that I can look back at them.
I once read somewhere that people who overly take too many pictures end up "living in the moment" less than people who choose to just soak up the memory.
I don't believe it...
I have wonderful memories from past experiences, and I'm ever so grateful that my obsessive "picture taking" has captured those moments for me to cherish forever.

Anyway, this was to Throwback Thursday picture from yesterday...
It was from a Marine Corps ball probably about five (maybe 6) years ago.
It was one of the "funnest" balls Nick and I ever attended together.
The boys had just returned from Afghanistan 3 months prior, and I think this picture captures perfectly, how "over the moon" I was with having him back safe and sound in my arms. 
It was just a perfect shot in a moment of time where my happiness looks genuine.

Fast forward to today.

Life is still wonderful, and I we are a happy little family of 4 in my (kinda) small Texas hometown.
A friend of mine commented on this photo yesterday on Facebook.
She said:
"Hands down y'all are my favorite couple. I pray I find something like this. There's no denying y'all are best friends"
Boy, did that make me grin from ear to ear. 
I always hope that even through something like social media, I can portray a strong, God centered, and happy marriage.
I never post anything negative about my marriage or my family...even when I am feeling negative about them. 
It's never been not my style anymore.
I leave my family matter and matters of my marriage in my home away from social media.
It doesn't mean I'm fake, and in fact, if you have read my blog long enough, I've written some pretty candid things about marriage and life in the Marine Corps.
 Or worse...
I've had people mention that "people who overly post happy things about their lives on social media are actually the most unhappy people."
I say..."BALONEY!"
I am an optimist, and I choose to only portray that side of me on social media.
For those who truly know me, y'all know me outside of "Facebook" and "Instagram", and y'all know that there is a whole another side to me that isn't always "rainbows and unicorns...oh and glitter...".
I love sparkles.

And I also love my awesome kids.
Dannika's been in gymnastics since the beginning of preschool, and I am so impressed by how far she's come in the last 2 years!

His face may be sweet, but this is the look after he hit his sister in the face with a heavy plastic guitar.

And one of my favorite parts of family life...
Watching Nick on the floor playing with the kids before bed time.
It makes my heart happy.


  1. I am obsessive picture taker too... I LOVE having them to look back on and it helps bring me back to that moment. Also - I keep negativity off my Facebook when it comes to my personal life. My husband and I had an argument? It doesn't belong on Facebook or any other social media platforms... it's between just us. I think that is how it SHOULD be and there is NOTHING wrong with it! So do you girl.

  2. Aw! You have the cutest kids, and I love throwback pictures too. It's fun to see how everyone has changed and relive the memories too.


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