Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Most "Awesomest" Kids Ever

  The semester is nearing to an end, and boy is this mama happy! 
Mark my words...
Never again will I ever take 18 hours in one semester ever again...ever.
My little mama brain is fried, and my husband and kids are lucky to be bathed and fed (well actually, Nick can bathe himself...thank goodness).
I have one more final to take, and just a couple little assignments here and there to turn in, and I am free!
I'm only taking two classes this summer, so it'll be a nice change of pace.
I'm seeing lots of pool time and family time in my future.
As much as I am ready for the slower pace and the hot sticky days of a good old Texas summer, I am so sad that Dannika will be done with Kindergarten!
There is no way that an entire school year has already flown by!
I look at photos of Dannika from August, and she already looks so much more grown up than she did.
I feel like she loses a little of her baby face every month that passes by.

Here she is in the Fall when we first moved here...

And here she is yesterday after a grown up haircut at the salon...

Excuse me while I go cry please.

Today's the last day of April...The Month of the Military Child.
It's always hard for me to put into words just how proud and lucky I am to be blessed with two awesome kids to go on this crazy life in the Marine Corps with.
Mattis is just starting out in this life, but my little Miss Dannika Jane has been part of it for almost 6 crazy years now!
With Nick being gone so much between deployments, training, and everything in between, she has been my one constant through it all.
She was with me all the way till the very end when I finished my tour as an active duty Marine.
I haven't always been the strongest person during periods of separation from Nick, but this little girl has always given me a purpose and a reason to smile when I didn't feel like it!
She's been a champ at adjusting to every place we have lived, and she does it with such grace and ease. 
She truly blooms anywhere and everywhere the Marine Corps has planted her, and I am so honored that God chose us to take her along on our crazy journey in the Marines.
I 'm sure when Mattis is older, he too will become a shining beacon in our family and with an amazing example to follow like his older sister, I have no doubt he'll fit right into our crazy life.
The moves....the separations...the future deployments....We're all in it together, and my kids are pretty dang awesome for being "semper gumby" for the ride!

I busted Dannika out of school a little early last week to take her out on a movie date to watch Cinderella!

Kindergarten spring fling!

Took her to mommy's salon to get a big girl wash, cut, blowdry, and flat iron!

Meanwhile, back at home...

My son likes to bite Nick....

My future fightin' Texas Aggie!
Class of 2034!


  1. So fun that you took her to your salon! I bet she loved it. Also, I'm glad your semester is almost over - that's awesome!! It'll be nice to have some more free time! :)

  2. What a trip to the salon that was!! :) Such a special time for you guys.


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