Monday, April 27, 2015

Why TAMU Is > Boston U

When Nick was the AMOI in Boston, we had a unique opportunity to be around college kids and the NROTC program.
There were like 3 Marines who were in the MECEP program (the program Nick is doing now here at A&M), and the rest were all 18-22 year old college kids wanting to be Marine and Navy Officers one day. 
It was hard for us in Boston because of the lack of "Marine camaraderie", and just missing being around Marines.
But coming down here to a college with a HUGE, nationally recognized NROTC program has made such a world of a difference in our experience with "NROTC life". 
There are a dozen or so active duty Marines in the program (vice the whopping 3 there were at Boston), and the Corps (what A&M calls their ROTC) is ridiculously huge.
I also think being back around a college that is part of a big sports conference makes a heck of a difference. 
This weekend, the NROTC had a "mess night" (if you don't know what it is, google it).
It's only for the men and women who are in the NROTC program.
The mess nights in Boston were never fun for me.
My husband left for an evening of fun and drinks, and I was at home with the kids being resentful.
When I found out about the mess night here, I was really pleasantly surprised when I got an email from the CO's wife inviting the spouses to drinks and dinner during the mess night.
Afterwards, the spouses were to meet up with all the guys at the hotel where their mess night was to hang out altogether.

Instead of going out for drinks and dinner with the other Marine spouses, Nick and another fellow Gunny (Matt) surprised me (and Matt's wife) with a limo on Saturday night to take us out!

We went to a fancy shmancy restaurant called "The Republic" to have wine and steak tartare until it was time to pick up the boys!

Out for a night on the town with these handsome studs. 

You know what's better than a Fightin' Texas Aggie?!
Fightin' Texas Aggies in dress blues!

I am absolutely LOVING the NROTC program here, and I absolutely love that Nick gets to be around Marines again.
It also helps that I've met some pretty cool wives that I've had tons of fun hanging out with!
I'm excited for the rest of our time here, and I'm going to be so sad when it's over!

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