Monday, May 11, 2015

Blue Eye Shadow and Mother's Day

You're probably wondering what blue eye shadow has to do with Mother's Day.
Allow me to show you...
I did not do my own make-up.
This was not intentional.

This beautiful face was done by my favorite make-up artist...Dannika Jane.
The Kindergarteners hosted all the mom's for a "mommy spa day" at the school.
We were treated to massages, manicures, hair styling, and make-up by our very own Kindergarteners.
Just an afternoon of pampering.

Gettin' my hair did....

My Mother's Day gift from Dannika...
She drew a picture of me and wrote various descriptions about me...
"My Nice Mom: listening ears, nice hair, beautiful legs, kind heart, helpful hands...and of course my favorite...FAST FEET!!!"

Since we were heading to my parent's house on Sunday to celebrate Mother's Day with my mom, Nick decided to pamper me on Saturday.

The day started off with Dannika's dress rehearsal for dance...
 Side story...
I noticed during dress rehearsal that Dannika wasn't trying as hard as she normally does at dance.
The auditorium was FREEZING, but while all the other little girls seemed to forget how cold it was once they were on stage, Dannika seemed to just stand there during her dances making little effort.
Me...being the typical "Asian mom" and overachiever that I am was SO disappointed in her.
I told her in between dances how disappointed I was in her that she wasn't making an effort, and she responded that she had a headache.
My daughter has a tendency to come up with mysterious illnesses when she is in trouble sometimes, so I took it as that, and told her we were going to have a long talk when we got home.
On our way home from the rehearsal, I gave her a long talk about always trying your best at everything and about team work.
We got home, and Nick also took her to her room to have a long talk with her.
After our talk, we told her how much we loved her and hugged her.
That was when I realized that she felt warm.
Low and girl had a fever...

I felt like the worst mom ever.
I had been reprimanding her for the past hour thinking she had been faking her illness to get out being in trouble.

I did apologize to her....
But it doesn't hurt to get some motherly advice about team work and trying your hardest, right???!!!

Once I got home from dress rehearsal, Nick treated me to mimosas and relaxing. 
All I really ask for on Mother's Day is time to watch my recorded shows uninterrupted by kids, and dinner cooked by someone else but me.
Nick delivered all of those...

Mattis enjoyed Nick's dinner too.

Although I didn't ask for a gift, Nick got me this Ninja blender I've been eyeballing for a few months now.
It blends, food processes, and even kneads dough!!!!
I guess it means I'm officially maturing into an adult when I was beyond excited to see this sitting on my counter when I got home!

Sunday, we went down to my parent's house and met up with my sister and niece (who came all the way down from Nashville to surprise us!)
Me, my niece, and D.

My bro in law had to work, so he couldn't make up, but we made sure the include him in some FaceTime.

Nick is actually Lyla's favorite Uncle.

We visited my grandma's grave site.
Afterwards, we all went out to dinner as a family.
As tiring as it was with all the driving around every where, I was happy that I got to spend Mother's Day with my mom.
This was the first Mother's Day in 12 years that I got to be home for Mother's Day!

I hope everyone's Mother's Day was fabulous.
I hope you were pampered and showered with love and affection!


  1. I love that she did your hair and makeup, that is so darn sweet! :)

  2. The hair and makeup is so cute! What a fun thing for the kids to do!!

  3. What an awesome weekend and that makeup id w a is genius for little girls! We all have our moments like that and the guilty feeling is inevitable in moments like that but you were really juat trying to teach her a valuable lesson so give yourself a break!

  4. I love the makeup...and what cool idea for her school to do that!

  5. Happy Mothers Day!!! It sounds like you had a wonderful time! Dannikas school is amazing also!


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