Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Motherhood Is...

Motherhood is...
Going to Target on a whim at 7:30 in the evening, because you realized that the next day was "Silly Socks and Sunglasses Day" at school...
And your daughter can't find her sunglasses OR any silly socks.

Yes, that happened last night. 
Good thing I only had one glass of wine before I realized it.
Luckily, all the college students have left town since finals are over, and there was no traffic.
Even better, no one AT Target. 


Here she is for her fun day!

I think I actually want a pair like this for myself...

Motherhood is...
Taking 'selfies' with a baby on your hip (and a photobombing baby daddy)...
Motherhood is...
Testing out your daughter's new scooter before she rides it home from school...
You know...
Just to make sure it's "safe". 

Side note...
Have y'all seen the new Starbucks "mini" sized Frapuccinos?!
 They are so little, and so cute, and so perfect, and so ME!
I can never finish an entire regular "tall" sized anything from Starbucks, so this size is perfect!
As a super health conscious and self proclaimed "fitness freak", I also have a problem with America's obsession with gigantic portion sizes with everything.
So this definitely made me smile :)
Did you know...
This "new" mini size at Starbucks is not actually "new"?!
This is actually a "tall" in Japan.
When I was deployed to Japan, I remember ordering a tall Frapuccino, and being baffled at how little it was compared to my normal "American" frap.
After 7 months in Japan, when I came home and ordered a tall frap in America, it felt like I had ordered a big gulp!
Japan doesn't have an obesity epidemic....

Happy Tuesday, y'all!


  1. Those socks are so cute! ;) also I haven't seen the mini! That's amazing!

  2. Cute socks.

    The mini would be too small for me. The tall seems to be just right for my tastes. I love that new s'mores frapp.

  3. Those socks are super cute. Can't help but love Target!

  4. This blog through it words has provided a key to literacy.


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