Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas

Did I mention how much we LOVE LOVE LOVE Dannika's Kindergarten teacher?!?!?!?!
Oh, and Dannika thinks she's pretty much the coolest thing since the Frozen sing along (and that is saying A LOT).
People are actually jealous of how awesome our Kindergarten teacher is (true story).
So for "Teacher Appreciation Week" last week, we wanted to make sure that she felt extra special and super appreciated.
Dannika's school had a "theme" for each day of the week.

Munchie Monday: Bring your favorite munchie for your teacher.
I sent a bag of healthy popcorn to school with Dannika to give to her teacher with a note on it that read:
"Because of you, I am 'bursting' with knowledge" (get it?!?! popcorn kernels....bursting....)

Tool Tuesday: Bring school supplies for your teacher.
I bought a pack of colorful sharpies and put them in a cute cup with a note taped to it that read:
"Thank you for keeping me so 'sharp'!" (get it?! SHARPIES...SHARP...HAHAHA!)

 Wednesday: We were asked to send a gift card to a restaurant, or our favorite recipe.
I happen to make this epic chicken salsa dip that people are ALWAYS complimenting, so I sent a jar of salsa with my famous recipe attached to it (with good ole fashioned Marine Corps 550 cord), and ANOTHER note that read:
"You're such a 'dipendable' teacher!"

Thursday: We were asked to write a kind note to our teachers.
Dannika wrote her own letter, and I wrote my own letting her teacher know how awesome we thought she was.

FRIDAY!! It was our free day to do what ever we wanted!
I found some cute ideas on Pinterest for an "orange" themed basket.
In this basket, I found a plastic stemless wine glass with the word "relax" on it, orange tazo tea, citrusy candle, orange trident gum, Lindt chocolate caramel brownie, and a Visa gift card.
 Dannika's sweet card.

 We are so thankful for our teachers and all the time they put into our kids so that they become productive members of society.
I especially appreciate our Kindergarten teachers because they are the starting point for our children's education!
They deserve SO much more than a week to appreciate them!
We love you!

Random photo of Dannika on "Mismatch Day" at school.


  1. These are all such awesome gifts!

  2. Her teacher is lucky, you did awesome! I LOVE the orange summer basket!

  3. Her teacher is lucky, you did awesome! I LOVE the orange summer basket!

  4. Wow! How lucky Dannika is to have such a stellar teacher, and how lucky that teacher is to have you as Dannika's mom - sending along all of those goodies! How amazing!

  5. I've never heard of doing themed teacher appreciation weeks but I definitely think you nailed it! So glad she has a great teacher!

  6. This is so cool! I have never heard of a school doing this. You came up with some pretty great ideas!


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