Tuesday, June 9, 2015

After the First Salute

One of the greatest things that came out of our time in New England was our AMAZING neighbors.
When they found out we were coming up, they insisted (practically begged) us to stay at their house instead of a hotel.
They didn't have to ask us twice.
Not gonna lie, it was a little weird staying across the street from our old house.
But they were such fabulous hosts, and really made our stay there so amazing.
They threw a BBQ for us on Saturday, and invited some of our old neighbors.
Emilee and her mom also came out, so that was really special too.

So thanks to our amazing former neighbors, Dan & Linda for making our time back in New England so enjoyable (even with the frigid cold temperatures...lol...but for real...it was like in the 50's at some points).
Here's a recap of our trip after 2ndLt Johnson's "first salute"!

Our first night in New England!
Wine, swordfish kabobs (made by Chef Dan), s'mores, and hanging out with these fabulous ladies of "Lanes End".

One of our favorite places to go on Sundays after church was this teeny tiny diner in Natick called "Casey's". 
It's an old railcar turned diner, and it's been around since the late 1800's.
Best New England style dogs around, and my personal fave...tuna fish sandwich with pickles, tomatoes, and mustard.

Posing in front of the newly renovated ping pong table courtesy of Nick and Dan! lol.

On Sunday, we were invited to go to Cape Cod (or "the Cape" as locals call it) to our old neighbor, Bonnie's new beach house that she bought! 
It was an absolutely gorgeous day!
This is the view from her house below...

Another gorgeous view...
AND, I'm representin' the Aggies with my "GIG 'EM" thumb all the way up in New England!

Nick and I swore we would not leave New England without eating a "lobstah roll" and some "chowdah".
If you've ever been up that way, you HAVE to have "lobstah" and "chowdah"!
I haven't had clam chowder or lobster since leaving there...
New England made me a bit of a lobster and chowder snob.
 Dippin' my toes in the Atlantic.

Picking seashells for Dannika...

Me and my handsome guy!

Linda (who we were staying with), Bonnie (owner of the beach house), and me!

I know I complained so much about New England when we lived up there.
The winters were so brutal, and it was tough for this Texas girl to adjust.
I am so thankful for such awesome friends and neighbors that kept me sane!
I swore I'd never go back when we left, but I can't say that anymore. 
I know that as long as the wonderful people we met still live there, there will be plenty more trips up north to see them (as long as it's not in the winter! haha!)


  1. Oh man all of that food looks amazing!

  2. What an amazing bunch of neighbors! Looks like an awesome time!

  3. Fun! I love that area. Although I do not like seafood. Blech.

  4. I'm drooling over that food and I'm swooning over those ocean shots.

  5. These pictures make that place look downright gorgeous!

  6. These pictures make that place look downright gorgeous!

  7. So sweet! Looks like a great visit. Much nicer to visit than live in the cold!


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