Monday, June 15, 2015

Be Kind, & Be Courageous

Have y'all seen to new Cinderella yet?
If you haven't, that's probably why you don't get the title to this blog post.
Dannika and I watched it a few months ago on a "mommy and me" date, and she got to watch it a second time on a field trip with her Kindergarten class.
It became an instant hit with her, and when I asked her what kind of birthday party she wanted, she wanted a Cinderella themed party. 

Since Dannika has a late summer birthday, we do her birthday party in early June right after school lets out.
This way, we can invite all her classmates, and it's early enough into the summer break so that her invitation doesn't get "lost" by July.
I rented a kid's party space at a local gym here (Aerofit), since her party was literally two days after an elective procedure I had done (more on that later).

I had this absolutely adorable pumpkin carriage cake made by a bakery in Navasota called "Cake My Day".
They nailed it, and they even delivered it straight to my house!

This banner was made by ME with the help of a DIY banner kit I bought from Target!

This was also made by me too!
The banner is actually chalkboard material, and also purchased from Target.

This one was purchased from The Crafty Godmother off Etsy.

 The birthday girl!
Outfit from Birthdays and Bows off Etsy.
Hair bow from Kikibows off Etsy.

I really wish I would have taken more photos of details (like her personalized water bottles), but I was feeling a little out of it, and didn't get as many photos as I would have normally taken.
I didn't even bring my nice DSLR!
These are all trusty iPhone6 photos, baby!

The look on her face is PRICELESS!

Dancing to Frozen of course on the XBox Kinects.

And as party favors for everyone...
I got these adorable custom sugar cookies made by Yummy, Delicious Cookies.
I also had pumpkin carriage cookies, but forgot to get a photo of them!

 She had such an absolute blast!
Thank you to everyone who came and made my Princess feel so special!


  1. That looks like an awesome party!!

  2. So perfect! I love the cake and her outfit is adorable! I felt so overwhelmed at my daughter's second birthday party, I barely got any pics either!

  3. That cake is amazing! Looks like a wonderful day. :)

  4. Very sweet! I love on site parties. It makes things so much easier for parents and the kids are entertained start to finish!

  5. That looks like an awesome party!!


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