Monday, June 8, 2015

Boston & First Salute

Nick and I took a trip to Boston this past weekend (alone sans children!!!) to attend a friend's commissioning ceremony.

This is us looking happy on a plane to be 5 whole days with no kids!!

Emilee is a young lady that Nick and I met through the NROTC program in Boston when Nick was the AMOI there.
If y'all keep up with my family, you'll remember that last summer, she stayed with me while Nick was at OCS before she went to OCS herself.
She's become like a "little sister" to me (although Nick feels like she is like a're too young, Nick!).
This weekend, she graduated from MIT (hello, smarty pants), and she became a 2ndLt in the U.S. freaking Marine Corps!!!!!
She asked Nick to be her first salute, so we flew up there to partake in her momentous occasion.

From L to R: Emilee's grandfather (a retired Vietnam vet who swore her in), Emilee, Capt Desmond (her OSO), Emilee, SSgt Lewis (her OSA), and Nick (her first salute).
Her commissioning was held on campus at MIT where she graduated.
Really cool campus, and that cool structure in the back is pretty awesome too, right?!

Lookin' sharp!

I am so freaking proud of her, and so honored to be her friend!

The first salute...

Exchange of the silver dollar...
As tradition goes, the Officer gives a silver dollar to the enlisted person they receive their first salute from.

Congrats 2ndLt Johnson!


  1. This is really awesome, sounds like a great trip to me. :)

  2. So awesome, and 5 days without kiddos... yes please!

  3. Wow how cool! I love that she included people close to her as part of her ceremony.


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