Friday, June 26, 2015

Brazos Valley Bombers

Do you like baseball?
I'm gonna be honest...
I'm not a HUGE fan of baseball, BUT...
I am a HUGE fan of baseball games.
I've never been to a baseball game and actually paid attention to the game.
I've always gone to them to hang out with friends, enjoy the atmosphere....
We were invited to a local baseball game by our sweet neighbors this week, and we jumped at the invitiation!
We watched the Brazos Valley Bombers CRUSH the McKinney Marshals...woo hoo!
We ended up watching very little of the game, but had an absolute blast hanging out with our neighbors.

This was actually Dannika's first ever baseball game.

She was infatuated with the game!
When we left, she declared, "I LOVE baseball!"
I'm pretty sure she actually watched more of the game than any of us.

Our neighbor Anna Beth in a BBQ sandwich eating contest!
After every inning, they had games for the kids to play, and the winners got free ice cream!

We ended staying for all 9 innings because the game Dannika signed up for was at the 8th inning.
We were exhausted, but had such a blast!

We are so thankful for our neighbors who invited us!!!

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  1. That's so cool that they had games for the kids! I love going to baseball games for the food. Garlic fries and hot dogs? Yes please! But I'm always terrified of getting hit by a ball. I end up watching the game so I can be ready in case one comes at me.


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