Monday, June 1, 2015

Gig 'em

On Saturday, Nick planned a weekend getaway for him and me at our local winery's bed and breakfast.
It was our 7th wedding anniversary on Sunday!
He even found overnight sitters for our kids (thanks Greg and Kayla!)....our absolutely, insanely awesome, and wonderful neighbors.
(anniversary blog is coming tomorrow)

But before our romantic anniversary getaway, our family got an awesome private tour of the new Kyle Field!
In case y'all don't know, Kyle Field is where our beloved Fightin' Texas Aggies play football!

Thanks to an awesome friend of mine (well actually his mom) that I went to high school with, we got a really cool tour of some of the areas most people haven't even seen yet.
It's crazy because we were never friends in high school, but became Facebook acquaintances years later just because that's what you do on friend everyone you ever passed by the hallway in school.
Nick actually became acquaintances with him once we moved back because of his Chevelle, and they've exchanged texts and talked a few times.
He even let Nick borrow an awesome hunting rifle in the fall to go hunting.
So when he invited us on a private tour of Kyle Field with his wife and daughter led by his mom, we couldn't say no!

The campus is so peaceful when the students are all gone...

Dannika in front of Kyle Field with her "Gig 'em" thumbs.

Still under construction!
Completion date is the day before their first home game!!!!!!!
Cuttin' it close, Ags!

 Kyle Field's largest game attendance was 110,631 people when Texas A&M played Ole Miss in 2014. This is the largest football game attendance in the state of Texas and SEC history.

This is part of the new Letterman's lounge where all the former athletes at A&M get to hang out during the games.

Entrance where the footplayers come onto the field on game days!
We were giving Mattis a taste of what his future would be........
I think it'd be a dream come true if he even sat on the bench for the Aggies. 

Our family and the Jonathan's beautiful family who arranged for us to come!
His wife is prego with their second baby!

Johnny Manziel's Heisman was not on display this past weekend, but John David Crow's was!

Afterwards, we all went out to Mad Taco to have lunch.
I had their amazing beet margarita last time we went, so this time, I tried their strawberry basil margarita....(both AMAZING!)

Thank you so much to Jonathan and his sweet mama for letting us see Kyle Field!
Thanks for aiding in our "Aggie brainwashing" of our children!
Gig 'em!


  1. What an awesome weekend!! :) Looks like a blast to me.

  2. This looks like so much fun -- if you are an Aggie fan. ;)

  3. Sounds like a blast, and that marg?! Yummo!

  4. Sounds like a great time! I'm a die-hard Michigan State fan but the more I read your blog, the more I am becoming an Aggies fan myself. They've got some great traditions I would love to experience if I lived closer.


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