Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mattis and Other Stuff

Just a quick little post with some random photos while I wait on Nick to get hungry enough for
He wanted cheeseburgers for Father's Day lunch, so we are going to go get some burgers at Grub Burger!
I hope everyone is enjoying celebrating Father's Day today (if you are celebrating it, that is!).

We just got home from church after listening to an amazing sermon.
We somehow all made it out of the house as a happy family and made it to the early service on!

I even went to get kolaches for Nick for breakfast today, and even managed to swing by Starbucks to get him his favorite white chocolate mocha.
I even poured his white chocolate mocha into his fancy Marine Corps mug.

And since I'm a bad wife, and forgot to get Nick an anniversary gift (although he went above and beyond to spoil me), I made up for it.
He wanted a nice gun safe, so a gun safe is what he got!

And because this blog post wouldn't be complete without a "Chronicles of Mattis" blurb...

Mattis now has a new ritual where after his bath, he insists on "shaving".
If we don't let him "shave", he throws a little fit...a big fit...

Father and son.

He no longer will ride in the cart when we go places.
We went to Target the other day, and he insisted he walk (and explore every nook and cranny of the store).
This also doubles our shopping time seeing as how a 1 1/2 year old doesn't walk very fast.
He also found an annoying an alarm clock that plays "Let It Go" over and over again if you push the button.
He walked around Target with the Frozen alarm clock dancing in circles while people walked by and stared at my rather animated son.
Then he got tired, so he grabbed a pillow off the shelf, and decided to lay in the middle of the main aisle and rest....

Then there was the marshmallow incident...
Mattis was throwing an epic fit because he wanted a marshmallow (ugly cry and all). 
We gave in (cause we are amazing parents) and gave him one. 
He proceeded to wipe his tears of sorrow with the marshmallow before proceeding to eat it.
Only a true fat kid wipes their freaking tears with a marshmallow.

Then moments later, I caught him in our pantry like this...
 hugging a bag of marshmallows while chomping on one...
There were also random marshmallows scattered all over the floor...

And here he is helping Nick make pizza.
And by "help", I mean eating the shredded mozzarella while simultaneously making it "snow" shredded mozzarella in our kitchen....

I hope everyone has a great Sunday!
Tomorrow, we're back to the grind of school, kids, cheer camp, gymnastics...
just parenting life.

I'm off to eat some burgers!

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  1. What a perfect Father's Day! That shaving pic is tooo cute!!!! And we are going through the refusal of riding of the shopping cart stage too and it is the worst but so funny. There are a lot of "No, this way", "Leave that alone", "Don't touch that!"


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