Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sweet Summer

It's almost July, and the Texas heat is ablazin'!
I love it though...even if I'm constantly in a state of sweat...stickiness...make up melting...
I'll take this over those Massachusetts winters any day.
The kids play outside late into the evenings when it "cools" off (a lil bit)...
The street is buzzing with the sounds of laughing kids and the smell of good ole Texas BBQ.
This is the first time I've felt like I've experienced a true summer in several years.
In past years, Nick has always been gone during a big bulk of the summer, so I've never been able to fully enjoy it. 
I love the street we live on.
Kids are literally in and out of my house, and my kids are in and out of the neighbors houses...without knocking of course.
We often have random little dinner guests pop up.
I love love love it here!
A few nights ago, we hosted some neighborhood kids for a backyard movie night at our house.

Our friend Emilee stopped in for a few days on her cross country tour of the U.S.
Our kids have been having a blast with her around.

Nick brought a projector home from school, and we've been getting some great use out of it!

After everyone left, Emilee and Dannika camped outside in our backyard.
Dannika loved it!

I feel like the summer is flying by so fast! 
I just need it to slow down a little!
Tonight, we were invited to a baseball game by our neighbors, so we're all heading to the ball park!
How is everyone else's summer going?!


  1. How fun! That is like a true American summer right there.

  2. How fun! That is like a true American summer right there.

  3. Seriously, so fun!! I want to be your neighbors! :)

  4. It is so nice to have neighbors like that! I love the pic of the kids watching the projector, that honestly sounds like the best time! You cannot beat having a bunch of kids around. That is the perfect kind of chaos!

  5. A movie night outdoors?! What an awesome idea!

  6. Kids come in without knocking? I'd flip out over that one. But I'm a cranky old lady ;)

    Sounds like fun outdoor times though. My daughter usually plays outside around 6 PM-9PM since it's so dang hot during the day.


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