Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Dining Room Decor

Since we bought our house, I've made quite an effort to make it feel "homey" while putting my personality into the decor.
One of my favorite parts of our house is our dining room.
We don't have a formal dining room in our house, so our one dining room is our everything dining room.
I love that Nick built our amazingly chic farmhouse table for me to fit in our space.
I love the floating "dry bar" that Nick also built for me (although, I want to raise the mirror up a little bit...hey, maybe tonight!).
I love the chandelier.
I love the big window that brings in so much natural light into it.
I love it.
I'm also not into "matchy matchy" furniture sets like I used to when I first got married and was furnishing my entire house with matching furniture sets.
Hence the reason why the end chairs are different than the chairs closest to the dry bar, and the reason why the chairs closest to the dry bar don't match the bench.

This week, I went to World Market to just browse, and ended up getting inspiration for an awesome centerpiece for our dining room table.

I bought the tray ($20), the candles (can't remember the price), candle holders ($17 a piece), and the fake white flowers ($5) from World Market.
The turquoise candle in front is from target ($13).
The bottle of wine is an expensive bottle of merlot that Nick got me for our 7th anniversary (we are not drinking it until our 10th anniversary).
The two glass jars next to the turquoise candles are actually gifts from our relatives in England.
They had stilton cheese in it (sort of like blue cheese), and now they're empty.

I love the little bit of elegance it brings into our cozy dining room.
I light the candles when Mattis goes to bed, and just stare at them.

This is our second home we've owned, and our 6th home that we've lived in.
It's by far my favorite...
Probably because we're back in good ole Texas...


  1. I absolutely love it! :)

  2. Love this. I want a dining room just like this.

  3. Love this. I want a dining room just like this.

  4. I love everything about it especially the table and I love how you mixed it up with the bench and the different chairs.

  5. Texas wins! You did such a good job on the centerpiece. The whole table looks beautiful!

  6. That is such an attractive chair. I moved my office into a sitting room my family uses and have wanted to update the traditional office chair I use. Mary S. Hernandez


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