Monday, July 20, 2015

Things That Are Annoying Me Today

I want to see pictures of my friend's adorable kids, dogs, homes, etc.
I want to see status updates on what my friends are doing today.
I posted one simple status about my husband half masting our neighborhood flags despite the white house's statement on remaining "neutral" on the tragedy in Chattanooga.
That one post turned into a straight up people posting their political views.
All I wanted to let people know was that this was our way of remembering our fallen service members...
It was in no way politically motivated.

I have very passionate friends. 
I am a passionate person, so it makes sense that the people I call friends are passionate.
However, people shoving their politics down my throat via Facebook is straight up annoying. 
Posting your little "articles" supporting or bashing a political figure isn't going to change MY mind on MY politics, and what I believe in.
I'm an intelligent human being (at least my parents tell me I am, dammit!), and I have very person reasons for my political views.
I don't advertise them, and I only talk about them behind closed doors at my "kitchen table" with close friends that I trust.
Your Facebook post isn't changing my's just annoying me to death.

My Son
I am human, and any parent who has never been annoyed by their child(ren) are LIARS!
He is currently banging on the door to the backyard and screaming bloody murder because I won't let him go outside in the blistering Texas heat.
I am choosing to ignore his negative behavior right now until he calms down.

Young College Girls
Nick had a young college girl whisper in class about how old he was.
"OH MY GAWWWWD!!! LIKE....SERIOUSLY...HOW OLD IS HE?!?! HE MUST BE LIKE 30!!!!!!!!" (dead serious...that's exactly how she said it).
Actually...he's almost 32 little girl.
And while you were taking your SAT's to get into college that your mommy and daddy are probably paying for...he was sitting in a hot ass desert in Afghanistan killing Taliban.
I should have more compassion since she's so young, inexperienced, and just...well...young....
But it just really annoyed me because she sounded like a spoiled and entitled brat. 

Lord help me understand...
That's my prayer for myself today....

Only 4 things in a jam packed day, and the day isn't even over yet...
Not bad, right?
My optimistic self is saying...
"You only have 4 things bothering you today! That's a great day!"

And some things to make you smile and be proud to be an American...

This beautiful Texas night sky I captured on my iPhone the other night...

The freedom to be a woman and go for a run in the middle of the day wearing a tank top and shorts!
There are countries out there where I would be looked at as practically naked for showing so much skin!!!!! The horror!

Dannika's first day at Christ United Methodist's Vacation Bible School!
Nick and I are not Methodists (we are non denominational), but CUMC's VBS was recommended to us by SO many friends!
She had such a blast!



  1. There were a lot of non-traditional students in my Criminal Justice and Social Work classes, and I actually enjoyed having them in class because they brought a lot of world experience to my classes that 18 year old me (and let's face it, 23 year old me) didn't have.

  2. The political posts drive me crazy!!! I have my opinions but I generally keep them to myself.

  3. Amen on the political posts. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but it's just gotten out of control with the oversharing. I may have to take a Facebook sabbatical when we get closer to the presidential election. The funny thing is, so many of the complainers probably didn't even vote! If you don't vote, you give up your right to complain in my opinion lol

  4. I feel ya on the Facebook and politics post. It is downright absurd how some people just force it down your throat. I've used the hide button on many a Facebook friend for obnoxious posts.


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