Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Birthday Fit For "The General"

I'm so irritable today...
You ever have those days?
I went to the gym this morning, and this group of women in their 40's gathered around this ONE woman who was on the stairmaster and ran their suck for a good 20 minutes.
I tried to drown out their gossip and complaining about their teenaged daughters with my headphones, but they were just so loud and obnoxious. 
The part that made me go "what the..." inside my head was that these two women just stood by their friend to chat for 20 whole minutes while she worked out.
My philosophy at the gym has always been, "get in, work out, get out."
Oh, and if you can talk and have leisurely conversation while you're on a cardio're not working hard enough!
I never understood people who use "gym time" as socialization time. 
Twenty minutes in my usual 2 hour gym routine is a BIG chunk of my work out time!

So my day started off like that. 

We are getting a new part time nanny today.
Our nanny from last semester's school schedule for fall semester is not going to work out with Nick and my own school schedule, SO......we had to find a new one.
I'm excited to have some routine back in my life with D in school again, a nanny for the kids to take care of day to day things, and school for Nick and me.

By the way,
Thank you to everyone who wished Mattis a Happy Birthday yesterday!
He truly had the best day ever!

His day started with pancakes and a candle....
That expression on his face is probably because he's wondering why his pancakes look so deformed.

He got some "birthday love" at the gym...

Nick and I got him a train table for his birthday.
The boy loves his "choo choos"...
And yet, he preferred to play with the storage bins underneath....of course...

Nick an I stayed up way past our bedtime putting this sucker together.

He got to end his night with a fruity pebbles cupcake, and of course...more candles!

Courtesy of HEB...
I don't bake unless it's Christmas....

I think I relit the candle about 4 times for him so he could blow them out...

He had such a great day!!
We are having his "Bubble Guppies" party on Saturday with just a few close friends and my parents!

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