Monday, August 10, 2015

Last Week of Summer Sesh

You know what's exciting?!
Summer sesh is over this week for Nick and me!!!
In less than a week, we will be sitting on a white sandy beach in México with no kids!
We love our kids dearly, but towards the end of Summer, we are all pretty worn out.
We're ready for D to start school, and we're ready for our nanny to be back to watch Mattis throughout the week.
The summer seemed to have flown by, and this is the first summer since 2011 that Nick has been home with the family.
Last year, he was at OCS as a candidate, the year before that he was at OCS as a Sgt Instructor, the year before THAT, he was at OCS again as a Sgt Instructor, and the year before THAT, I was stationed in California, and he was in Boston....
Whew...that's a lotta summers without my main squeeze...the marshmallow on my s' get
I can confidently say this has been the BEST SUMMER EVER, and it's not even over yet!

We've really enjoyed the late summer nights playing outside when the weather cools down, and of course hanging out with our neighbors.

It is Texas, after all, and we have temps that are upwards of 100 degrees, so we usually wait until 7-8ish to go outside and play (even then, it's still like 95 degrees!).

The littlest Texas Aggie in our home

I finally got D in on some photo action last night.
Her olive skin and her hazelish light brown eyes make her so photogenic.
I'm a little jealous, not gonna lie!

Last night, we waited till the sun went down (which isn't until like 830!), to do s'mores in our new fire pit that Nick built.

 We've really enjoyed our summer so far, but this mama is ready to have kids back in school!

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