Sunday, August 30, 2015

What Time Is It?!

It's time for lunch!
What time is it?!
It's time for lunch!

Line up, everybody line up, line up

You would only understand this if you were a parent who has children that watch "Bubble Guppies"....or you're just a grown person that enjoys watching toddler programming on Nick Jr.

My son's favorite cartoon of all time is "Bubble Guppies".
In fact, the first time he spoke in clear words that he wanted us to turn on Bubble Guppies for him was when he pointed at the TV and screamed, "Bubble puppy!"
Bubble Puppy is a character on the show, and just happens to be the character that "really spoke" to our toddler. 

We threw this a Bubble Guppies themed birthday party this weekend at our house.
It was nothing big or special.
We just invited our neighbors and my parents. 
We BBQ'ed and just had fun.

I threw some pretty elaborate parties for Dannika as a baby/toddler, and poor Mattis has gotten the crap end of the stick when it comes to effort put in by me. 
I just have second child syndrome and have learned from previous experience that an elaborate and extravagant birthday party of a 2 year old will not be appreciated by them.
We did end up BBQ'ing (Nick smoked some delicious ribs), inviting the neighbors over, and just had a good time.

I did end up putting something fun together that Mattis can appreciate (via photographs) when he's older.

I ordered his invitations on Etsy from Pretty Paper Pixels.
I purchased the digital file, and I developed them on my own from Walgreens.
Yeah, yeah...I have tons of friends who are Photoshop savvy and would be appalled at the fact that I spent money on a digital file, but it was like ten bucks that I didn't mind spending.

 We ordered a small custom cake from The Cake Box (a local bakery).
Tamara did absolutely an amazing job creating the perfect birthday cake for Mattis with his favorite character on it!

 I have ALWAYS made personalized water bottle labels for ALL of my parties.
It's a cheap way to really personalize a party!
I design my own from the website Bottle Your Brand
They're super inexpensive, and really great quality!

 I made "ocean water" with crystal light lemonade and neon blue food coloring.
I put Swedish fish in there thinking they would float, but they all sunk to the bottom.
It was still a hit, and every ounce of it was gone!

 It's tough to find "2 year old appropriate" party games.
We opted for a piƱata, and Mattis LOVED it.

I mean...
He gets to beat up on something with a large stick....

 His birthday was an absolute blast, and we are SO thankful for all the sweet neighbors who came to celebrate with us!

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