Monday, September 28, 2015

Wedding Showers, An Aggie Win, & Grandparents

It's Monday again!
We are back at (for 3 out of 4 of us), nap schedules, gymnastics...
This was the first weekend since Aggie football season started that we didn't have a tailgate or a game to attend.
Our beloved Ags played in Dallas, and won a heart stopping game in overtime against the razorbacks!
That makes us 4-zer0 this season so far!

As much as I love tailgating, it was really nice to finally get a break this weekend from all the chaos!
Nick and I attended a wedding shower on Saturday before the game started for our beloved realtor and mortgage loan officer.
They had a really cool wedding shower where instead of typical wedding gifts, they requested all the guests to bring a bottle of alcohol to "stock the bar" for their wedding!
I thought it was such a cool way to cut down the costs of having an open bar/partially open bar seeing as how that is one of the costliest parts of a wedding.

Us and the soon to be married couple!
Don't ask me why Nick is looking off into nowhere instead of the camera...
Or why he's doing the "Kim Kardashian" chicken wing pose....

Afterwards, we headed home to BBQ, and watch the game with our neighbors.

Saturday was my dad's official 60th birthday!
We took a quick trip to Houston to my parents' church on Sunday and surprised them during their worship service!

I've said it a MILLION GAZILLION times, but I really am SO thankful that we get to be stationed here so close to my parents.
So many military families don't get the opportunity to be stationed near family.
I am so grateful that my babies get to see their Papa and Gigi more than once or twice a year, and in person instead of Skype.
We are soaking up every minute that we are living here, and taking full advantage of my family!

Hope everyone's weekend was amazing, and y'all are tackling this new week!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


I hardly have time to blog anymore.
School, kids, Dannika's gymnastics, school, life, house, marriage, school...
Did I mention school?!
I am waiting on a letter from A&M saying that I will be a FULL TIME student there in the Spring.
The anticipation is killing me.
In the mean time....
I am taking a math class (along with a few others) algebra to be exact...
It sucks....
Because, contrary to popular belief and stereotypes, I'm the only Asian on the face of this earth that hates math and was never really great at it.
Nick thinks I was awesome at it, because I did WAY better than him in math.
But really, I just took harder math classes than him in high school (13 years ago), and I had Asian parents who MADE me do "ok-ish" in math (ever heard of Kumon? yeah...I did it).
Nick took what was required to graduate, barely passed, AND his mom was not Asian (obviously). 
And for all y'all "non engineers", scientists, and mathematicians, college algebra is pretty difficult for the average "jane" or "joe".
I'm surprisingly doing OK-ish in it thanks to YouTube tutorials and my trusty iPhone.

As a 31 year old working on her undergrad, I am SO thankful for my experience as a wife, mother, and Marine.
My time management skills rock (no all nighters here), my priorities are straight, and I roll my eyes constantly at young 20-21 year olds that I think would have benefited from a good 4 year stint in the good ole U.S.M.C before embarking on college (which is like 80% of them).
However, as a 31 year old, one of the "suckiest" parts of being in college is taking classes like "college algebra" that would have been WAY easier when I was 18 and fresh out of my high school calculus class. 

Life's been busy.
Between my classes, Nick's classes, ROTC commitments for Nick, kids, marriage, life, mortgages, bills, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.......blogging is on the backburner. 
If you don't follow me on Instagram, here are some pics!!
If y'all have followed me long enough, y'all know how much I hated New England winters.
I prayed and begged for heat, and when God put us back in HIS COUNTRY (Texas, for all y'all non Texans), I was over the moon.
It's September, and it's still warm enough (hot actually) for my kids to be naked outside in the sprinklers!

I love "punny sayings".
I found this shirt at Target, and HAD to get it for Mattis, because it's such a LIE.

Mattis has been a little under the weather, so we took him into the doc to get looked at.
"It's viral"....
Something I hate to heart from the doctor, because there is NOTHING we can antibiotics or magic pill.
We just gotta let it run its' course.

Dannika loves American Girl dolls.
She had one that Nick got her as a gift after he graduated OCS for being such a great helper to me while he was gone.
They're like 100 bucks, and I swore it's the only one she'll ever own.
But a good friend of ours has a teenaged daughter who was selling some of her old ones to buy a new Macbook.
I jumped on the opportunity, and Dannika got her second AG doll for a fraction of the price. 
Meet Bella, Dannika, and Annaliese (goes by Anna).
Anna is her new one.

 Mattis loves his "ya ya" (aka his paci).
People tell me all the time that it's time to wean him off of it.
As much as I would love to, a part of me loves that he still loves it.
It's the last little part of "baby" that he has...

And lastly...
Remember when I told y'all about the Vancouver vacation/cruise that I got for my mom and dad for my dad's 60th birthday?
Last Thursday through Sunday sightseeing in Vancouver and are on their cruise now headed to Long Beach, CA.
From the looks of my mom's Instagram photos, they've been having a great time!

I miss y'all, and I've been doing my best to catch up with y'alls blogs, Facebook, and Instagram!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

My Facebook Love/Hate Relationship

Ahhh Facebook....
It's a topic of many blog posts, news articles, social media's every where.
I love Facebook.
As a military family who is always stationed away from family, it's been a great way to share our life with our family and friends who don't live near us (specifically my immediate family).
My neighbor just had a baby, and her mom talked about how much she wished she lived closer to her daughter so she could see her grandchild more often....
She lives an hour and a half away....same as my parents. 
I totally understand how living in a different city as your grand kids for a civilian family could be difficult. 
As a military family, we have always been in a different state as our parents, and my kids were lucky if they got to see them at least twice in one year.

Facebook has been such an amazing tool for our family to keep in touch with my family and friends back here in Texas.
Since moving back Texas, it's become more a tool for me to keep up with old Marines and their families that I have served with, since my family is right here (an hour and a half away).

Today, I deleted my FB app from my phone.
Because I let FB hurt my feelings.

A really close friend of Nick's wife blocked me on Facebook.
I found out because they recently got married, and being the girly girl that I am wanted to see their wedding photos.
When I searched her name, I realized she was no longer my friend on Facebook, AND she had blocked me.
I knew she blocked me because Nick is still friends with her on FB, and she was unsearchable on my account.
I've met her and her husband (Nick's friend) ONCE in my entire life at IHOP for breakfast.
I thought that because her husband and my husband were such great friends, we could at least be FB acquaintances. 

I post a lot on FB.
I post tons of photos of my kids, my work out selfies, my day to day life, and random thoughts.
I don't post (anymore) politics, religion, or controversial topics on FB.
The last few years, I use FB to share my life, and stalk all my friends' lives.
I want to see their babies, baby announcements, pregnancy photos, date nights, thoughts on football games, their mascara videos, and so on and so forth.
I hide and unfollow my friends who share too much politics, religion, or controversial topics.
I like my newsfeed to be happy.

So I couldn't for the life of me figure out why this woman would not only unfriend me, but block me as well.
I barely knew her.
I do my best to post things that won't offend anyone.
I am a self proclaimed "oversharer", and I have told people time and time again to 'unfollow' me or 'unfriend' me if my posts are overcrowding their newsfeeds.
But if you're gonna block me????? I feel like you really hate me.
Hate is a strong word, right?

So I let my feelings get hurt over this lady who I barely know today.
I said mean things about her just to make myself feel better....even though I barely know her and have nothing mean to say about her....
So I deleted FB from my phone.

I'll check it once a day when I am on my computer.
I realized how ridiculous I was getting butt hurt over being "blocked" on Facebook.
I'm a 31 year old 10 year combat veteran of the damn Marine Corps....the fiercest fighting force in the world.
If I am letting myself get butt hurt over being "blocked" on social media, I have some bigger issues to worry about.

But wow...
That felt great to vent.

Do you get offended on social media?

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Aggie Game Day Experience

Today, I got to take Nick, Dannika, AND Mattis to their VERY FIRST FIGHTIN' TEXAS AGGIE FOOTBALL GAME!
I've grown up watching the Aggies play, and living here in CSTX, Kyle Field has always been at my fingertips.
I mean, my high school used to play our big rivalry game AT Kyle Field!
As always, the Semper fi Society of A&M had their tailgate before the game, so headed out a little early.
It was an 11am game (the only morning game the Aggies play).
After tailgating (for all of 10 minutes because the kids made us late), we headed over to Kyle Field for the game.
It was really HOT....HOTTER than HAYLL HOT.
But, it did not stop us from enjoying the game.

Already to watch the Aggie BTHO Nevada!

First photo at the famous Kyle Field

Did I mention it was ridiculously hot?!
Our shirts were soaked from sweating! 
We ended watching the majority of the game in the back of our section where there was shade standing up.

I still can't get over the size of Kyle Field!
From what I remember as a kid, I feel like it has quadrupled in size!
I was super impressed with the newly renovated Kyle Field.

So the Aggies may not win every game, but we ALWAYS win halftime.
The Aggie band is one of the world's largest military marching bands.
Their movements are so precise, and just jaw dropping.
When I see other colleges bands playing, I'm always a little underwhelmed....
Because the AGGIE BAND will make ANY marching band seem irrelevant. 
My kids actually LOVED the halftime LOVED. 
It was so hot, and they really didn't enjoy the game, BUT, they truly did enjoy the halftime show.

My two boys' first Aggie game!
We sat in the alumni section next to the student section.
Every time the cute little college girls saw Mattis, they gushed and "ooh'ed and aah'ed" over how "adorable that little Aggie" was.
He was enjoying the attention (and so did Nick, I

We all made it to halftime, and had to be 2%'ers today and leave because our kids would not have survived another half in that heat.
Nick and I plan to attend several more games SANS KIDDOS, so we can fully enjoy the actual game.
We were definitely not "REDASS" today.... (if you don't know what redass means, you're definitely not an Aggie).

We got home in time to watch the ND vs GaTech game, and ordered pizza.

I am so happy to have shared the Aggie game day experience with my family today!
Even with the heat, Nick told me that the experience was "somethin' else". 
I am so proud to be from this town, and so proud to be part of the Aggie family!


Sunday, September 13, 2015

Do Aggies Have Recess?

This past Saturday was the very first home game of the season for Aggie football!
Not only was it the first home game, but it was the grand opening of the brand new Kyle Field (the stadium the Aggies play football at)!
The newly renovated Kyle Field seats 102,733 people making it the largest college football stadium in Texas, the largest college football stadium in the SEC, and the 4th largest stadium in the NCAA!
Pretty impressive, right?
We played a no name team (Ball State?) for our home opener which guaranteed us an easy win (which I was politely told on Facebook that they're a basketball state, not football).
But it's not basketball season, and they were here to play football, so eh...
Our family chose to attend a tailgate by the stadium, and go home to watch the game in the comfort of our neighbor's living room in the air conditioning.

D and I ready to head out for the tailgate!
Cowgirl boots are a must for any Aggie tailgate!

The tailgate was hosted by the Aggie Semper Fi Society (an organization comprised of Aggie Marines).

Mattis, admiring all that is glorious about the sacred Kyle Field
 My precious little Aggie giving us her "Gig 'em" thumb in front of the stadium.

Since moving back to CS, an aquaintance that I went to HS with has become friends with Nick (and has become friends with our family).
His mom happens to have a pretty awesome job working directly with Aggie athletics.
I ran into her at the tailgate, and she had some tickets that were generously donated by some members of the Aggie Letterman's Association (former Aggie athletes).
She was looking for some deserving people to give them to, and I just happened to have 6 active duty Marines that are MECEP'ers at A&M that didn't have tickets.
They were pretty excited to score some free tickets, and not only were they free, but the seats were AMAZING!
A huge thank you and shout out to Cathy Capps for hooking up our active duty Marines!

The "old CO".
Colonel Timoney and I.

Me and my friend Carley!
Her husband is a GySgt who is a MECEP'er with Nick.
They're family has become pretty good friends of ours.
A rarity since I rarely interact with other Marine families and wives.
We just clicked and had a lot in common!

Me and my favorite Aggie!

D and a member of the Corps of Cadets.

The cutest little tailgater ever.

This weekend was awesome for me because I FINALLY got to show my family what Aggie football is all about.
It's more than just the game.
It's about friendship, camaraderie, and fun.
It's the closest I've felt to being back in the Marine Corps.
I posted this on Facebook last night:
"I grew up watching Aggie football. I grew up immersed in this culture. I have a deep love for it. Today was amazing...because I finally got to show my "non Aggie family" why I'm such a fanatic. Nick was amazed...and although he's an Aggie...he finally got it today. Dannika told me she couldn't wait to go to A&M and asked if Aggies have recess."

Funny that she was concerned about her recess time getting taken away. lol.
I've always said that I would support my kids in any path they plan to take after high school.
However, if they were to choose to attend any school, but A&M, I think I'd have a hard to stomaching that. 
I've even joked that I wasn't paying for their college if they went anywhere else (it's a JOKE, people!). 
But that's how much I love it here, the school, the students...
Most importantly, the Aggie culture. 

Hope y'all had a great weekend!
Here's to another week!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

And God Said...


OK, OK...He didn't really say that, but I know for a fact that God loves everyone, and that includes Aggies, and Aggies love Aggie football.....
Therefore, God loves Aggie Football.

I LOVE Aggie football.
As a College Station Native, the Aggies have always had a special place in my heart.
I have a photo with Santa at the mall when I was like 8 years old decked out in Aggie sweats...seriously.
When you grow up here, you either grow up "drinking the maroon kool aid or saying screw it."
I said "screw it" and joined the Corps, but once I joined, I realized just how much the Aggie spirit had been indoctrinated into my soul growing up here.
My sister, on the other hand, said "screw it", and went to our rival college in Austin (you know...that "other school").

But really...
They beat the Arizona State Sun Devils 38-17.
ASU was ranked #15, and A&M was not ranked at all, so it was a big deal!
Our defense was "on fleek" last night! 
*(did I use that expression right?!?)

But it's proof that the "devil" never wins....(get it?! lol)

With this weekend being the opening weekend for college football season, it's safe to say that the Romers were pretty freaking excited.
We started our morning geared up for Aggie football day and went the the gym (priorities, people!)...

 Then our neighbors came over to play for a little bit...
All sportin' Aggie maroon, of course...

 Then we headed over to our next door neighbor's house where they had 2 TV's set up to watch all the games....

Twinkies in their 12th man SEC jerseys!

 Dannika learned the ins and outs of college football with our neighbor (who hosted) Greg.

Touchdown Kiss!
It's an Aggie tradition that you kiss your date every time the Aggies score.
When the Aggies score, YOU score!

Post game Aggie victory photo.
We are so excited for college football!
Be prepared for some blog posts about my beloved Aggies!
Nick and I will be attending several games this year in the new Kyle Field, and we are pretty freaking excited!!!!
Who is your team? Do you have a team?

Friday, September 4, 2015

Has It Been A Week?!

It's been a week since I last blogged!
Ever since D went back to school followed by Nick and me, we haven't had a chance to breathe yet!
We're on the go constantly, and my classes this semester are kicking my butt already!
I'm taking a college math class, and for a gal who hasn't taken math in 13 years, it's a doozy.
We hired a new nanny this semester, and we love her already!
More importantly, Mattis loves her already!
Just some things...
We are currently celebrating...
 People were up at 6am at the store to buy their first 1/2 gallon.
I was at the gym...
But lucky me, I have an awesome neighbor who happened to have bought a few extra gallons and brought it over to our house!

 We're excited about...
The kick off to college football season...specifically AGGIE FOOTBALL SEASON!!!
In honor of National College Colors day, my kids wore their Aggie Maroon!

Life has been busy, yet fulfulling.
I'm not ready for Fall to come yet.
I hate Fall...
I hate Fall clothes....
The only think I like about Fall is Starbuck's pumpkin spiced latte (PSL).
I'm like Olaf...
I want it to be Summer all the time, and wear flip flops, shorts, and tank tops all the time!
Football season is always a fun time for our family, and I'm really excited to be able to hit up some games at the newly renovated Kyle Field!
Let me just add it's the LARGEST football stadium in the SEC! Whoop!

Hope y'all are ready for some good old fashioned American football!