Saturday, September 19, 2015

Aggie Game Day Experience

Today, I got to take Nick, Dannika, AND Mattis to their VERY FIRST FIGHTIN' TEXAS AGGIE FOOTBALL GAME!
I've grown up watching the Aggies play, and living here in CSTX, Kyle Field has always been at my fingertips.
I mean, my high school used to play our big rivalry game AT Kyle Field!
As always, the Semper fi Society of A&M had their tailgate before the game, so headed out a little early.
It was an 11am game (the only morning game the Aggies play).
After tailgating (for all of 10 minutes because the kids made us late), we headed over to Kyle Field for the game.
It was really HOT....HOTTER than HAYLL HOT.
But, it did not stop us from enjoying the game.

Already to watch the Aggie BTHO Nevada!

First photo at the famous Kyle Field

Did I mention it was ridiculously hot?!
Our shirts were soaked from sweating! 
We ended watching the majority of the game in the back of our section where there was shade standing up.

I still can't get over the size of Kyle Field!
From what I remember as a kid, I feel like it has quadrupled in size!
I was super impressed with the newly renovated Kyle Field.

So the Aggies may not win every game, but we ALWAYS win halftime.
The Aggie band is one of the world's largest military marching bands.
Their movements are so precise, and just jaw dropping.
When I see other colleges bands playing, I'm always a little underwhelmed....
Because the AGGIE BAND will make ANY marching band seem irrelevant. 
My kids actually LOVED the halftime LOVED. 
It was so hot, and they really didn't enjoy the game, BUT, they truly did enjoy the halftime show.

My two boys' first Aggie game!
We sat in the alumni section next to the student section.
Every time the cute little college girls saw Mattis, they gushed and "ooh'ed and aah'ed" over how "adorable that little Aggie" was.
He was enjoying the attention (and so did Nick, I

We all made it to halftime, and had to be 2%'ers today and leave because our kids would not have survived another half in that heat.
Nick and I plan to attend several more games SANS KIDDOS, so we can fully enjoy the actual game.
We were definitely not "REDASS" today.... (if you don't know what redass means, you're definitely not an Aggie).

We got home in time to watch the ND vs GaTech game, and ordered pizza.

I am so happy to have shared the Aggie game day experience with my family today!
Even with the heat, Nick told me that the experience was "somethin' else". 
I am so proud to be from this town, and so proud to be part of the Aggie family!


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