Sunday, September 6, 2015

And God Said...


OK, OK...He didn't really say that, but I know for a fact that God loves everyone, and that includes Aggies, and Aggies love Aggie football.....
Therefore, God loves Aggie Football.

I LOVE Aggie football.
As a College Station Native, the Aggies have always had a special place in my heart.
I have a photo with Santa at the mall when I was like 8 years old decked out in Aggie sweats...seriously.
When you grow up here, you either grow up "drinking the maroon kool aid or saying screw it."
I said "screw it" and joined the Corps, but once I joined, I realized just how much the Aggie spirit had been indoctrinated into my soul growing up here.
My sister, on the other hand, said "screw it", and went to our rival college in Austin (you know...that "other school").

But really...
They beat the Arizona State Sun Devils 38-17.
ASU was ranked #15, and A&M was not ranked at all, so it was a big deal!
Our defense was "on fleek" last night! 
*(did I use that expression right?!?)

But it's proof that the "devil" never wins....(get it?! lol)

With this weekend being the opening weekend for college football season, it's safe to say that the Romers were pretty freaking excited.
We started our morning geared up for Aggie football day and went the the gym (priorities, people!)...

 Then our neighbors came over to play for a little bit...
All sportin' Aggie maroon, of course...

 Then we headed over to our next door neighbor's house where they had 2 TV's set up to watch all the games....

Twinkies in their 12th man SEC jerseys!

 Dannika learned the ins and outs of college football with our neighbor (who hosted) Greg.

Touchdown Kiss!
It's an Aggie tradition that you kiss your date every time the Aggies score.
When the Aggies score, YOU score!

Post game Aggie victory photo.
We are so excited for college football!
Be prepared for some blog posts about my beloved Aggies!
Nick and I will be attending several games this year in the new Kyle Field, and we are pretty freaking excited!!!!
Who is your team? Do you have a team?

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