Sunday, September 13, 2015

Do Aggies Have Recess?

This past Saturday was the very first home game of the season for Aggie football!
Not only was it the first home game, but it was the grand opening of the brand new Kyle Field (the stadium the Aggies play football at)!
The newly renovated Kyle Field seats 102,733 people making it the largest college football stadium in Texas, the largest college football stadium in the SEC, and the 4th largest stadium in the NCAA!
Pretty impressive, right?
We played a no name team (Ball State?) for our home opener which guaranteed us an easy win (which I was politely told on Facebook that they're a basketball state, not football).
But it's not basketball season, and they were here to play football, so eh...
Our family chose to attend a tailgate by the stadium, and go home to watch the game in the comfort of our neighbor's living room in the air conditioning.

D and I ready to head out for the tailgate!
Cowgirl boots are a must for any Aggie tailgate!

The tailgate was hosted by the Aggie Semper Fi Society (an organization comprised of Aggie Marines).

Mattis, admiring all that is glorious about the sacred Kyle Field
 My precious little Aggie giving us her "Gig 'em" thumb in front of the stadium.

Since moving back to CS, an aquaintance that I went to HS with has become friends with Nick (and has become friends with our family).
His mom happens to have a pretty awesome job working directly with Aggie athletics.
I ran into her at the tailgate, and she had some tickets that were generously donated by some members of the Aggie Letterman's Association (former Aggie athletes).
She was looking for some deserving people to give them to, and I just happened to have 6 active duty Marines that are MECEP'ers at A&M that didn't have tickets.
They were pretty excited to score some free tickets, and not only were they free, but the seats were AMAZING!
A huge thank you and shout out to Cathy Capps for hooking up our active duty Marines!

The "old CO".
Colonel Timoney and I.

Me and my friend Carley!
Her husband is a GySgt who is a MECEP'er with Nick.
They're family has become pretty good friends of ours.
A rarity since I rarely interact with other Marine families and wives.
We just clicked and had a lot in common!

Me and my favorite Aggie!

D and a member of the Corps of Cadets.

The cutest little tailgater ever.

This weekend was awesome for me because I FINALLY got to show my family what Aggie football is all about.
It's more than just the game.
It's about friendship, camaraderie, and fun.
It's the closest I've felt to being back in the Marine Corps.
I posted this on Facebook last night:
"I grew up watching Aggie football. I grew up immersed in this culture. I have a deep love for it. Today was amazing...because I finally got to show my "non Aggie family" why I'm such a fanatic. Nick was amazed...and although he's an Aggie...he finally got it today. Dannika told me she couldn't wait to go to A&M and asked if Aggies have recess."

Funny that she was concerned about her recess time getting taken away. lol.
I've always said that I would support my kids in any path they plan to take after high school.
However, if they were to choose to attend any school, but A&M, I think I'd have a hard to stomaching that. 
I've even joked that I wasn't paying for their college if they went anywhere else (it's a JOKE, people!). 
But that's how much I love it here, the school, the students...
Most importantly, the Aggie culture. 

Hope y'all had a great weekend!
Here's to another week!

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