Sunday, September 20, 2015

My Facebook Love/Hate Relationship

Ahhh Facebook....
It's a topic of many blog posts, news articles, social media's every where.
I love Facebook.
As a military family who is always stationed away from family, it's been a great way to share our life with our family and friends who don't live near us (specifically my immediate family).
My neighbor just had a baby, and her mom talked about how much she wished she lived closer to her daughter so she could see her grandchild more often....
She lives an hour and a half away....same as my parents. 
I totally understand how living in a different city as your grand kids for a civilian family could be difficult. 
As a military family, we have always been in a different state as our parents, and my kids were lucky if they got to see them at least twice in one year.

Facebook has been such an amazing tool for our family to keep in touch with my family and friends back here in Texas.
Since moving back Texas, it's become more a tool for me to keep up with old Marines and their families that I have served with, since my family is right here (an hour and a half away).

Today, I deleted my FB app from my phone.
Because I let FB hurt my feelings.

A really close friend of Nick's wife blocked me on Facebook.
I found out because they recently got married, and being the girly girl that I am wanted to see their wedding photos.
When I searched her name, I realized she was no longer my friend on Facebook, AND she had blocked me.
I knew she blocked me because Nick is still friends with her on FB, and she was unsearchable on my account.
I've met her and her husband (Nick's friend) ONCE in my entire life at IHOP for breakfast.
I thought that because her husband and my husband were such great friends, we could at least be FB acquaintances. 

I post a lot on FB.
I post tons of photos of my kids, my work out selfies, my day to day life, and random thoughts.
I don't post (anymore) politics, religion, or controversial topics on FB.
The last few years, I use FB to share my life, and stalk all my friends' lives.
I want to see their babies, baby announcements, pregnancy photos, date nights, thoughts on football games, their mascara videos, and so on and so forth.
I hide and unfollow my friends who share too much politics, religion, or controversial topics.
I like my newsfeed to be happy.

So I couldn't for the life of me figure out why this woman would not only unfriend me, but block me as well.
I barely knew her.
I do my best to post things that won't offend anyone.
I am a self proclaimed "oversharer", and I have told people time and time again to 'unfollow' me or 'unfriend' me if my posts are overcrowding their newsfeeds.
But if you're gonna block me????? I feel like you really hate me.
Hate is a strong word, right?

So I let my feelings get hurt over this lady who I barely know today.
I said mean things about her just to make myself feel better....even though I barely know her and have nothing mean to say about her....
So I deleted FB from my phone.

I'll check it once a day when I am on my computer.
I realized how ridiculous I was getting butt hurt over being "blocked" on Facebook.
I'm a 31 year old 10 year combat veteran of the damn Marine Corps....the fiercest fighting force in the world.
If I am letting myself get butt hurt over being "blocked" on social media, I have some bigger issues to worry about.

But wow...
That felt great to vent.

Do you get offended on social media?

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