Monday, September 28, 2015

Wedding Showers, An Aggie Win, & Grandparents

It's Monday again!
We are back at (for 3 out of 4 of us), nap schedules, gymnastics...
This was the first weekend since Aggie football season started that we didn't have a tailgate or a game to attend.
Our beloved Ags played in Dallas, and won a heart stopping game in overtime against the razorbacks!
That makes us 4-zer0 this season so far!

As much as I love tailgating, it was really nice to finally get a break this weekend from all the chaos!
Nick and I attended a wedding shower on Saturday before the game started for our beloved realtor and mortgage loan officer.
They had a really cool wedding shower where instead of typical wedding gifts, they requested all the guests to bring a bottle of alcohol to "stock the bar" for their wedding!
I thought it was such a cool way to cut down the costs of having an open bar/partially open bar seeing as how that is one of the costliest parts of a wedding.

Us and the soon to be married couple!
Don't ask me why Nick is looking off into nowhere instead of the camera...
Or why he's doing the "Kim Kardashian" chicken wing pose....

Afterwards, we headed home to BBQ, and watch the game with our neighbors.

Saturday was my dad's official 60th birthday!
We took a quick trip to Houston to my parents' church on Sunday and surprised them during their worship service!

I've said it a MILLION GAZILLION times, but I really am SO thankful that we get to be stationed here so close to my parents.
So many military families don't get the opportunity to be stationed near family.
I am so grateful that my babies get to see their Papa and Gigi more than once or twice a year, and in person instead of Skype.
We are soaking up every minute that we are living here, and taking full advantage of my family!

Hope everyone's weekend was amazing, and y'all are tackling this new week!

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  1. You have an absolute amazing family and it is great that your kids are getting time to spend with their grandparents. I am an convention center and generally have to stay away from home for work. But I am blessed that my mom is taking care of them.


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