Monday, October 19, 2015

Bama Weekend

Let's just get it out there...
The big elephant in the room....

The Aggies lost their first game of the season.
They deserved the loss, because they played like crap. 
A football game comes down to "who played better for that one game."
Let's face it, we've seen plenty of underdogs win in sports.
And for this weekend's game, Alabama just played better, and WE made a TON of silly mistakes.
Was I crushed?
Did it ruin my weekend?

It's a game, and there's plenty of other games left this season.
I am still a die hard Aggie fan.
  We had a few Bama fans stop by our tailgate yesterday.
We gave them a friendly "Aggie howdy" and invited them in to eat some BBQ and have drinks. 
We wished them a happy stay in Aggieland, and football was not mentioned ONCE.
 Even though we lost, I know those Bama fans and Alabamans went home thinking, "man, those Aggies and those Texans are some really friendly folks." 
I'd rather be part of a classy and friendly school than any other school in the nation. 
They ain't lyin' when they say that A&M is the friendliest campus in the nation. 
Just ask my former Bama fan and Bama HUSBAND!

We had a blast at our tailgate, and I am still proud as hell to be an Aggie!

The reviewing Officer for this game was Marine Major General Miller.
He's an Aggie (class of '79), and if you google him, his resume as a Marine is pretty damn badass!!!!
We got to have dinner with him and his wife the night before the game at C&J's BBQ in Bryan.
His wife's one request while visiting Texas again was to have some delicious Texas style BBQ.
He was so personable and laid back.
He was a a true Aggie gentleman.
We felt like we were having dinner with an old friend!
Such an honor to get to have spent time with him and his wife!

And some random photos I took with the fancy camera.
I've been pretty good about getting it out every once in a while!

Typical all over his face....sweaty....and just goofy.

Eat your heart out Tyra Banks....
This girl can "smize" better than any of your top models!

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!
Here's to another awesome week!

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