Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mom Network

One thing that I love about my life here in good ole' CSTX is the network of moms I have become friends with.
I've met most of the moms through Dannika's school during pick up and drop off, and classroom parties.
It just so happens that our neighborhood is walking distance to the school, so all the moms that I have become friends with all live within a mile radius of my house.
It's also pretty convenient that all of our kids just happen to be around the same age.
It's awesome for play dates, or days when I accidentally forget to pick up D because it was an early release day (oops!).
But there's always another mom that I trust with my kids who will happily text me and offer to bring them to my house, or take to their house for an impromptu play date until I can get my sh&! together. 
 These group of moms are awesome.
Most of them are busy raising 2, 3, 4 kids...taking them to dance, soccer, gymnastics, football, etc. all while running a home.
This group of moms are engineers, business owners, military wives, college students, stay at home moms, doctors, dentists, etc. etc. etc.
They take care of their families, AND they take care of each other.
I've never felt bad asking any of them to watch my kids so I could run an errand or just have some peace, and the favor is always returned.
I can tell when one of them is having a rough day, and without asking, I just offer my home to their children for an impromptu play date.
It almost feels like being back at Camp Pendleton where I had a network of awesome military wives that took care of one another when our husbands were deployed.  

Although not ALL of these moms are College Station natives like I am, they have all lived here long enough to understand the community here. 

I am so grateful for these women and their friendship...
 I am so grateful to be amongst such awesomeness! 

I hosted a playdate at our house this week with our neighbors and a friend of Dannika who lives a few streets down from us.

Since the first pumpkins were out at the grocery store, I picked a few up for the girls to decorate...
Oh, and I decorated one too...

Mattis joined in on the fun.

Sweet little K and her pumpkin!
She lives a few streets down, and her and Dannika are in the same grade!
Surprisingly, they've never been in the same class together, but have become friends through me being friends with her mom (from pick up and drop off at school).

Our street's "mama bear", AB.
She is like a mini mama to my kids.
She lives across the street from us, and comes over to our house to basically babysit Mattis.

The wild and free EG!
She is AB's little sister, and just started Kindergarten, and has the same teacher Dannika had last year!
She's full of energy, and loves to play pretend with Dannika!

I love our little life here in College Station.
We have the greatest friends and neighbors ever!

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