Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Fall Photos

There are a few times throughout the year that put a lot of stress on our marriage.

Hanging new stuff on the wall...
It's usually poor Nick on a ladder with a hammer and nail while I change my mind a million times how I want one dang picture frame to be hung.
Look behind anything hanging on our wall in our home, and there is guaranteed to be at least 3 holes behind it.
It usually ends up in an argument.

Hanging up Christmas lights...
Nick on a ladder, but this time much higher in the air with a string of lights while I impatiently yell at him from the ground on how he is hanging them up ALL WRONG.
BTW, I am usually enjoying a glass of wine while my poor husband is sweating profusely (in 40 degree weather) trying to hang Christmas lights on our super slanted roof.
Argument ensues...

Annual family photos...
I am a teeny tiny bit of a control freak.
I start stressing about what we're all going to wear, if it matches, if it's TOO "matchy matchy", is Nick gonna gel his hair, what bow is going in Dannika's hair, and how the hell are we gonna get Mattis to freaking smile for once?!

This year was no different...
However, thanks to Michelle of Michelle Voigt Photography, she made the whole photoshoot smooth, quick, and painless.
Just how we like it.
Here are a few of the amazing shots she got!

I am keeping the one I chose for our Christmas cards a secret until after Thanksgiving.
So y'all will just have to wait!

And lastly...
Who doesn't love an awkward school yearbook photo????
Here she is, folks!
Dannika Jane's 1st grade yearbook photo.

"Isn't she lovely...." 

I surely can not be the only person who struggles with things like Christmas lights in a marriage?!

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