Monday, November 16, 2015

Is It Friday?

Oh, you mean to tell me it's only Monday?

I have a big research paper due for my English lit class, but because the future of my children's teeth are more important than my education, I am putting off English lit today for blogging.
D & M both had dental appointments this morning, and it screwed up my brain for school.
It was Mattis' very first dentist appointment, and the chair freaked him out, so the sweet dentist ended up doing his check up with him sitting on my lap.
I must say how impressed I was with Brazos Valley Pediatric Dentistry!
Cartoons on the ceiling at every chair, video games and toys around every corner, toy dispensing machines....
Why can't adult dental practices do that?!
I'd definitely be a little more excited about going to see the devil dentist.

So let's do a little weekend recap, shall we?

Do you own a Yeti tumbler, yet?
If no, WHY NOT?!
Quick story:
On the morning of Dannika's field trip, I put ice and Diet Dr. Pepper into my Yeti tumbler at 8am.
2 hour drive to the still in tact and drink still nice and cold.
Left the cup in my friend's car from 10 until STILL in tact and drink still nice and cold...after sitting in a car on a warm sunny day for almost 3 hours!
Drove home, got home around 330, and the ice was JUST beginning the melt, and my drink was STILL cold.
That SEVEN hours that my ice did not melt in this cup!
It is truly an amazing cup, and totally worth every penny!
I decided to get mine personalized, and had my friend Melissa at make me a glittery pink version of the decal I have on my car.  

 On Friday night, Nick, some Marines, and some veterans from the Marine Corps League were invited to the opening ceremony of our local Christmas light park, Santa's Wonderland.

We hit up College Station's locally famous Layne's for dinner afterwards!

Do you have a significant other who hunts?
I do.
You know what that means?
From October until winter is pretty much over, early mornings and afternoons are spent alone while my husband sits in a tree stand for hours at a time.
Dannika has been DYING to go with Nick, so this weekend, he got her all "real tree'ed" out and took her out for a little bit.
She was over the moon.

Nick finally shot his first buck of the season late yesterday afternoon.
I was hoping this meant I'd have him home for a little while the next few weekends.
But nope.
It has just fed into his habit, and he has been wanting to kill this 12 pt buck he has spotted on his trail cam. 
So until he gets that 12pt, I will continue to spend many lonely mornings and afternoons.

Our neighborhood at its' annual Fall Festival on Saturday afternoon, so we took the kids.
They had an absolute blast, and even better, it was walking distance from our house!

Dannika rock climbing (still in her hunting boots!).

Insert turtle emoji here....

Our weekend was a blast, and it was also the last Aggie home game!
Thank goodness they won!!!!!!
As much as I love me some Aggie football, by this time in the season, I'm pretty exhausted from all the tailgates and games!
I need me a break!
Hope y'all had an amazing weekend!
Here's to another 5 days until the weekend!

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