Thursday, November 12, 2015

Messina Hof MC Birthday Dinner

On Tuesday, Nick and I attended Messina Hof Winery's Marine Corps birthday dinner.
Everyone told us that this was a "must go to" event, so Nick and I jumped at the opportunity.
It is a semi formal Marine Corps birthday ceremony complete with dinner, cake, and of!

Paul Bonarrigo Jr. (the son of the Messina Hof Winery's founder and owner) was a former Marine, and has kept the tradition of celebrating the birthday every year at his family's winery.

The guest of honor was Nick's CO at Texas A&M, Colonel Bright.
He gave an amazing speech about the Marine Corps, and what it is today.
He talked about how even with all the changes from generation to generation, the core concept of the Marine Corps has not changed.
The crowd is not your typical Marine crowd at this event.
It's mostly older, retired Marines, and I'm pretty sure the only currently active duty Marines that were there were the Marine MECEP'ers from Texas A&M, and the Colonel. 
That's what made this evening really special though.
I got to talk to the older generation of Marines, and as humbled as I was to be amongst them, they seemed to have been humbled themselves to be amongst the younger Marines.
It's a mutual respect us Marines have for each other, young and old, old corps and new corps...
It's what makes us great. 

I scored this amazing Nicole Miller dress for an absolute steal at 50% off its' original price!

How gorgeous is this cake!
Anything with edible glitter is a 10 in my book!

Colonel Bright's speech

The passing of the cake from the guest of honor, to the oldest Marine (a class of '53 Aggie grad), and the youngest Marine.
You know this is an older crowd when the youngest Marine happens to be a SSgt.

The narrator of the event was a retired Cobra pilot.
As an aviation ordnanceman who worked on Cobras at one point in my career, anyone affiliated with this magnificent chopper is a friend in my book.

Col Bright's wife, Jill.

Can't hang out with Mary without being suckered into a selfie!

My handsome date and I

Nick and I had such a fabulous time.
We came home with our bellies full of delicious food, wine, and plenty of memories to share.
It was truly a perfect way to celebrate the Marine Corps' 240th birthday.
Thank you to Messina Hof Winery for hosting such a fun filled event and honoring our Marine Corps' birthday!

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