Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Test of Marriage

There is no better test of the strength of our marriage than Christmas time.
Poor Nick gets tasked every year with putting up the Christmas lights outside of our home.
Although, I have volunteered to do it, and he refuses to let me, so I don't get why he complains....psh!

It usually goes something like this..

Me: Hey babe, will you put up the lights outside?
Nick: (begrudgingly) yeah....
Me: Well, if you're not gonna be happy about it, I can just do them...
Nick: NO...I'll do them. Just tell me how you want them.
Me: (gives him some sort of vague instructions like "just put them on the roof")

Then of course it's freezing the day I want him to put up lights, so I choose to sit inside my nice warm house while Nick freezes his butt off on a ladder with a string of lights.

(10 Minutes later)

Me: (walks outside and stands in the street to inspect Nick's work)
Nick: What? You don't like them. Something is wrong....
Me: No...well....nevermind. It's fine. Just leave them.
Nick: I can tell you don't like them. Tell me EXACTLY how you want them. I'll fix it.
Me: Well...if you insist. I wanted them this way (making vague gestures). You don't have to pull ALL of the lights down. Just that one section over there (pointing vaguely). 
Nick: (Rips whole string of lights down) I'm just gonna start over....
Me: You didn't have to get all pissy and pull ALL of them down.
Nick: Nope...I'm gonna do them right....

(15 minutes later)
Me: (walks outside to inspect)
Nick: What now?!
Me: Nothing! They look fine!
Nick: No, you don't like something.
Me: THEY'RE FINE! Leave them alone!
Nick: Whatever, they're staying up. 

It's truly an ordeal, and a test of the strength of our marriage.
I am happy to say that our marriage has survived every single Christmas light debacle. 
And he really did do a fantastic job.

Not only did he somehow manage to get this giant wreath hanging above our garage, but he strung lights on every peak of our house.

And he built this Christmas tree for me out of an old pallet!

I always try and get them matching Christmas jammies, but we decided to just go with a theme this year.
Fleece Christmas jammies....Mattis in green with Santas on them, and Dannika in red with snowmen.

My kids call this "mama's fancy tree".
We've always done a family tree and a Marine Corps tree.
This year, Nick let me have the Marine Corps tree to do as I please, and we combined the family and Marine tree together.

Coffee table centerpiece

Our family/Marine Corps tree

Dining room centerpiece

Above the piano .
Found these Christmas trees that are paper mach├ęd with sheet music!

Decorating the house for Christmas is always such a fun time for me.
I know that Nick secretly enjoys being outside on a ladder hanging up lights for me too.
He may not admit it, but the look on his face when the lights turn on for the first time is priceless!

What kind of decorating do you do?

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  1. Your home looks lovely! I popped up my mini tree in my work office and called it a day.


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