Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas Party @ Messina Hof

I love Christmas time.
I love decorating...
It's the only time of year I really bake...
I love wrapping gifts...
I love shopping...
It's magical, right?

I also love the Christmas parties.
I know people who dread all the holiday parties, but I love them!
Any excuse to get together with people you rarely hang out with and socialize is a great time for me.

This year, the Texas A&M NROTC staff and active duty members had their annual Christmas party at Messina Hof.
They had me at "Messina Hof".
It's one of Nick and my favorite date night spots, and I love their Pinot Grigio more than any other Pinot Grigio in the world!

They had a buffet style dinner which was absolutely delicious, and of course, WINE!

The fakest Santa ever...played by one of the active duty Navy Lts.
Dannika caught on right away, and asked why Santa was so skinny.
He did a nice save and told her that he was, "Santa's helper".
She bought it. lol.

Mattis always seems to find himself a pretty girl to take care of him at these things.
This is Maggie (The CO's daughter), and our little man.

We had a great time, and the kids all left with gifts from Santa's basket of toys.
I have an ornament exchange party this week that I am looking forward to, and an white elephant party next week!
Do you like Christmas parties?


  1. What a great party, looks like you guys had a lot of fun! :)

  2. So fun! Messina Hof was one of our last meals out before leaving College Station. Love that place!


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